March 23, 2018

Hello all.

It's me: Rob, your favourite member of semi-popular beat combo Marsicans. How are you? What's new in your life? Who did YOU think would win 'Dancing On Ice' in 2011? Oh wow, I also thought it would be Vanilla Ice. It must be love.

Now that we have all the burning questions out of the way, I'm going to take you step-by-step through all things Marsican from the month of March.

Let me set the scene: it's March-eve (February 28th to non-weirdos) and sh'boys have just finished our final tour rehearsals with full production and all the trimmings. Tomorrow is the first day of our UK headline tour and we're all really excited to come out and play some sold-out shows to you lovely, lovely people. We make a list, check it twice, Oli breaks a mi...

January 14, 2018

DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE our main support for all dates on the March headline tour will be Scottish loves Vistas. Also joining us for individual shows are the sick artists below...🎈
LONDON - Jerry Williams.
MANCHESTER - Five Days North.
GLASGOW - Indigo Velvet.
BIRMINGHAM - Spilt Milk Society.
BRISTOL - George Glew.
LEEDS - The Golden Age of TV.

Tickets on sale here.

November 28, 2016

Those of you who are familiar with the concept of the Georgian calendar may notice that this month’s blog comes quite late in November. The reason for that is that the world of Marsicans has kept us particularly busy over the past month and I haven't had much chance to sit down and write about it. It’s also partly to do with me Googling the history of the modern calendar, reading the full Wikipedia page and then spending a while thinking about what a crazy idea that was before it was a thing. And then I started thinking about railways and what a crazy idea that must’ve been. You see my point, right?

So, I suppose that’ll do for an introduction, now i’ll give you the low-down on our highlights from the past month. 

The last leg of the Absence UK...

November 11, 2016

THANK YOU, LEEDS! Last night was our second sold-out hometown headline show of the year and our first in the Brudenell Social Club main room - an absolute dream for us. Cheers to Indigo Velvet and Atlanta House for supporting and big love to all who came down! 🎈

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