New year, new blog. 💁🏼

Let's get the pleasantries out of the way first. Hope you all had a great Christmas and new year! Naaaaaaaaat (jk).  

Glad that's over with. 

Sooooooooo.... We released a music video in December for Throw Ourselves In. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it below. This was the most fun video we've shot to date, and it was an honour to work with such talented people on it. 

We reconvened early in the new year with our new socks, deodorant and 2018 Cliff Richard calendars to get back on with operation Marsicans. 

The start of 2018 has been spent holed up in the studio recording some NEW MUSIC. And I don't know, MAYBE the next time we write a blog, there MIGHT MAYBE POSSIBLY be a new song out. Maybe. 

We had an absolute bl...

The year is 2017. America has just inaugurated it’s 45th President, an overgrown Oompa Loompa in a funny blonde wig and Britain is preparing to leave the EU, led by one of the characters from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’, also wearing a funny blonde wig. Everyone is certain that the world will end soon and yet, despite all this, I just had one of the best Januarys you could possibly imagine. 

It’s your main man Rob here, coming at you live from the sofa and I’m gonna tell you all about our European tour…

Two weeks ago, me and the boys set off on a voyage that would take us across four countries. We started this voyage at the wonderful white cliffs of Dover and, after a quick frisk by the relevant authorities, we boarded a ship...

HERE SHE IS! Our first release of 2016, with glorious artwork by Liv Hodder, will be Arms of Another. Out on Jan 29 on Love vs Fear Records and available anywhere and everywhere you choose.


We choose - it's the cheapest!


Also on iTunes, Spotify and other places. Enjoy!


 M's x




Good morning/afternoon/evening, humans.


The year is 2016 and I could not be more excited about what these next 12 months have in store. Amongst the band I am known for being ‘charmingly verbose’, for over-wording, or taking the long way round in order to get to the point. This time I’m going to get straight to it… 


We’re gonna be releasing some new music this year, lots of new music. Music that we spent the most part of 2015 writing, road testing, re-writing and recording. We’re very proud of the song and were over the moon when the PRS for Music Foundation announced they would be pressing our songs onto 12 inch vinyl in the coming months. 


Last year, we were lucky enough to find truly wonderful friends in the form of DRK Creative, a team...

Friends, Romans, Marsifans –A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!


2014 was a year packed full of high-lights and de-lights for us. It’s hard to pick them all out but among the things that gave us pleasure were the release of The Chivalry EP along with a video that gave the poor editors sleepless nights (it did win an award for their efforts though!); our favourite Live At Leeds to date; the band’s first Radio 1 play for Terrapin; brand new recordings; hearing our music used in settings we didn’t expect like Scottish Football and a wine festival promo; a homemade video for Something English; rounding off the year with some cracking live dates and support slots with Embrace and The Pigeon Detectives on our Winter Tour 2014.


Team Marsican was also blessed...

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