THANKS TO MTV for using 'Throw Ourselves In' in the current series of Teen Mom OG. Disclaimer: no Marsicans were harmed in the making of this programme. 📺🎈

New year, new blog. 💁🏼

Let's get the pleasantries out of the way first. Hope you all had a great Christmas and new year! Naaaaaaaaat (jk).  

Glad that's over with. 

Sooooooooo.... We released a music video in December for Throw Ourselves In. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it below. This was the most fun video we've shot to date, and it was an honour to work with such talented people on it. 

We reconvened early in the new year with our new socks, deodorant and 2018 Cliff Richard calendars to get back on with operation Marsicans. 

The start of 2018 has been spent holed up in the studio recording some NEW MUSIC. And I don't know, MAYBE the next time we write a blog, there MIGHT MAYBE POSSIBLY be a new song out. Maybe. 

We had an absolute bl...

BIG THANKS to Dork for premiering the brand new video to Throw Ourselves In.  We were honoured to have Rio 2016 Olympic medallist Nile Wilson and Ash Watson from Team GB involved as well the awesome talents of Leeds Gymnastic Club' s Harry O'Neill and Pennine Gymnastics' Luke Stoney. 🎈

THANKS BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing for putting Throw Ourselves In straight in at number two on this week's Best of BBC Music Introducing playlist. 📻🎈

Check out the playlist here.

THANKS to E4's Made In Chelsea for kicking off this week's show with Throw Ourselves In. 📺🎈

WE'RE BLOWN AWAY by the response so far to Throw Ourselves In - the biggest to date from fans, radio, streaming services, and reviewers. We were number 3 on Hype Machine's Most Blogged Artists the week after release so THANK YOU to all of you for listening and supporting new music. 🎈

Below is a selection of very, very nice comments...

With upbeat indie stylings and infectiously good songs, Marsicans are mastering the art of making banging indie-pop tunes.

- Wonderland magazine.

Noisy, infectious, and impossible not to dance to.

- Gigslutz

Kicking it up a notch, Marsicans skillfully strike a balance between indie-alt-pop with a gritty, modern rock sound.

- Indie Shuffle

A robust romp through the tail-end of Britpop.

- Little Indie Blogs

Their grungiest t...

THANKS AGAIN to Huw Stephens for giving Throw Ourselves In another spin on BBC Radio 1! 🎈

"Sounds like a number one single, that." - Huw Stephens
"He’s a good lad, isn’t he, that Huw Stephens?" - James’ dad.

MASSIVE THANKS to Spotify for adding Throw Ourselves In to loads of sweet playlists this week. 🎈

To show our appreciation, here’s a present (GIFt?) from us to you. 💕💘 #NSFW

NEW SINGLE. Throw Ourselves In. Coming this Friday. 🎈

With artwork by Liv Hodder.

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