🎈THANKS TO ALL who've listened to, shared and written about our new single Little Things. Your efforts made us #1 on Hype Machine's Top 10 Most Blogged Artists for the first time.

A selection of kind words below...

"An impassioned, number that tremors and shakes through the verses and brings all elements together for a momentous singalong chorus."

- The Line Of Best Fit

"A bold, buoyant piece of indie pop, with Marsicans growing in ambition with every note."
- Clash Magazine

"Marsicans have always had a distinct ability to hit you with a wall of sound when you least expect it, and with Little Things, they make sure you get hit hard."

- Get Into This

"We have a winner on our hands."

- Born Music

"A raw passion and sense of joy...creating a perfect swe...

 🎈WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! After thanking Radio 1, Radio X, Amazing Radio, BBC Introducing, MTV, C4 Sunday Brunch, Kerrang (!) TV, Made In Chelsea, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and VEVO, we still have to tip our hats off to all the bloggers out there, who keep busting out the reviews for scant reward, apart from RSI and tinnitus. Your sweet scribblings about Your Eyes took us to #3 on Hype Machine's Most Blogged Artists - THANK YOU! 😘

Here is a selection of your kindnesses...

"Catchy indie songcraft."

- Clash magazine, full review here.

"As catchy as it is deeply vulnerable, “Your Eyes” is a truly great song."

- Atwood Magazine Editor's Pick, full review here.

"Marsicans delve into darker territory but prevail emphatically."

- Born Music, f...

BEST OF THE DECADE? Whoa! Thanks to Spotify for adding 'Friends' to the Alternative 10s playlist, alongside Bon Iver, The Maccabees and Bombay Bicycle club. Can't wait to blast this one out again on tour. 🎈

THANKS TO ALL the kind folks online who've take time to listen and share their thoughts on 'Suburbs'. Big love to everyone out there for embracing and sharing new music. 🎈

A small selection of kind comments from the blogosphere...

"Marsicans’ new tune is speaking to my soul right now."

- Music Is My Life

"Another perfectly composed pop-rock track."

- The Revue

"Beautiful and emotionally intimate."

- The National Student

"A slice of life."

- Come Here Floyd

"Their strongest effort to date, filled with explosive energy and high fire melodies."

- Scientists Of Sound

"Anthemic indie-rock stomper."

- Mystic Sons

"Deceptively calming instrumental backdrop to the band’s melodious harmonies and surprisingly introspective lyrics."

- When The Horn Blows

"A refreshing p...

BIG THANKS to Spotify for banging Suburbs on some extra juicy playlists on its week of release. Bang it on yours too!  🏡 🎈

Streaming on all platforms here. 💥

JINGLE, JANGLE. Thanks to Dan Cairns of The Sunday Times for naming Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend) as one of the Hottest Tracks this week. Culture, innit? ☀️🎈

updated 18 August 2018
THANK YOU to all the ace, passionate people who take the time to listen and write about new music, and especially to those who helped make us number 2 on Hype Machine's Top 10 Most Blogged Artists the week after we released Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend). 🎈

Here's a selection of the kind comments we've had...

"Seasonally spot-on loveliness from the rising Leeds band."

- The Sunday Times

"Get out your suncream!"

 - Dork

"Joyous, zesty indie pop, tailor-made for summer."

- Clash Magazine

"A rocky indie undertone bleeds through poptastic soundscapes."

 - Popped Music

"A slice of sun from the sky, mixed with chilled cider and all your mates dancing in a field, bottling it all into a great summer anthem."

- Fresh On The Net

"A vibrant, s...

PREMIERE. Our new single Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend) comes out tomorrow but you can get a sneak preview today, thanks to our cool American cousins at All Things Go. 🎈

Read the full feature here.


​BLOWN AWAY is what we are with some of the sweet comments we've had about Wake Up Freya. Thanks to all who've taken the time to review it. A selection of kindnesses can be found below... 🎈

The British invade but more on the chill side. Keep sending us groups like Marsicans.

- Pop Dust (USA)

A stunning dawn sunrise, welcoming new life to the world and promising that you will be loved.

- Fresh On The Net

Beautiful harmonies and atmospheric guitars.

- Little Indie Blog

Heart-warmingly tiptoes around the promise and potential of a new life.

- Turtle Tempo

Showcasing a more sensitive side to their harmony laden sound but the arena-sized hooks and trademark joyful warmth remain.

- Soundcheck Live

Marsicans have a way of creating extremely melodic indie roc...

WE'VE BEEN BOWLED OVER by the support Wake Up Freya has had from streaming services around the world who've banged it on their official playlists, a selection of which you can see below. Go follow 'em! 🎈

Spotify UK

New Music Friday

The Indie List


Hot New Bands
The Sound of Alt-Indie Rock

Spotify Japan

Newest Pop Mix

Spotify Netherlands

New Alternative

Spotify Turkey

Yeni: Alt

Topsify Germany

Guten Morgen

Apple Music UK + Ireland + Central Europe

Best Of The Week

Apple Music Netherlands
 + Belgium

The A-List: Alternative

Apple Music Belgium

The A-List: Singer/Songwriter

WE'RE BLOWN AWAY by the response so far to Throw Ourselves In - the biggest to date from fans, radio, streaming services, and reviewers. We were number 3 on Hype Machine's Most Blogged Artists the week after release so THANK YOU to all of you for listening and supporting new music. 🎈

Below is a selection of very, very nice comments...

With upbeat indie stylings and infectiously good songs, Marsicans are mastering the art of making banging indie-pop tunes.

- Wonderland magazine.

Noisy, infectious, and impossible not to dance to.

- Gigslutz

Kicking it up a notch, Marsicans skillfully strike a balance between indie-alt-pop with a gritty, modern rock sound.

- Indie Shuffle

A robust romp through the tail-end of Britpop.

- Little Indie Blogs

Their grungiest t...

BIG THANKS to all the writers and blogs who have reviewed Too Good and put us in the Top 10 Most Popular artists on Hype Machine the week after its release. 🎈

A selection of quotes below...

"Danceable new tune, complete with blossoming synth beats and a hip-swaying beat."

- Nylon Magazine: Best Releases Of The Week

"An irreverent pop group dealing in carefree pleasure."

- The 405

"Refreshing and new, creatively upbeat and toe-tappingly fun."

- Earmilk

"Dazzling example of Marsicans' indie-pop prowess...filled with Flyte-like harmonies, The 1975 grooves and six-string thrills."

- Hidden Herd

"A dreamy ode to love, perfect for festival season."
- GigSlutz Track Of The Week

"Instantly recognisable harmonies and extremely addictive melody."

- Gigsoup


LESS THAN A WEEK since its release, "Friends" is gathering increasing attention from the blogosphere, propelling us into this week's Hype Machine's 10 Most Blogged Artists. Here's a slice of the nice things being said about our latest track...🎈

"Thumps and drives with gritty guitars, a funky bassline, a punchy kick and soaring harmonies."
- Earmilk 

"Raucous rocker with a sweet sentiment."
- The Revue

"The kind of melodic work that draws in fizzing crowds to intimate venues."
Get Into This

"Pumps you up and leaves you in awe."

- Turtle Tempo

"Stone cold pop genius from start to finish."

- We Close Tonight

"Heavy on the lyrical content, yet still one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard."

- Independent Clauses

"As infectious as it is electr...

WITH GRATITUDE to all platforms that support new music and emerging artists and with apologies to anyone we've missed out, we'd like to express our massive appreciation to all the blogs, playlists, radio shows and other outlets who've helped spread the word about the Absence EP since its release last month.

Radio Stations

BBC Radio 1 (UK)

Radio X (UK)

BBC Radio Leeds (UK)

BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire (UK)

FUBAR Radio (UK)

Sine FM (UK)

Chapel FM (UK)

Radio Warwickshire (UK)

Spark FM (UK)

NE1 FM 92.5 (UK)

Amazing Radio (UK)

Talent Radio UK

Strange Fruit Radio (UK)

3FM (Netherlands)

Seaport FM (Netherlands) 

Union (France)

Pop’N’Rock Radio (France)

Spirit FM (Finland)

AllgäuHIT (Germany)

RTÉ 2XM (Ireland) 

XFM Malta (Malta)

Radio Why Not (R...

GRATEFUL for the awesome response and kind words being said about Far Away (Saudade), some of which we've quoted below. The track will be out very soon on our upcoming EP release. 

"A gloriously off-kilter summer nugget."

- Clash Magazine

"Tight, confident blend of catchy alt-pop that’s rammed with melodies and powers along with a summery groove"

- Record Of The Day

"Top notch drumming and guitar riffs, vocals and harmonies – perfect!"

- Fresh On The Net

"Marsicans create an inescapable buzz that doesn’t let go...imagine a heavier Paul Simon amongst some Hot Club de Paris and Little Comets...truly uplifting."

- Hidden Herd

"Ablaze with striking addictive hooks and quirky lyrics...all wrapped in sweet luxurious melodies, sprinkled with lush harmonies."

- ...

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