LEEDS>LONDON>OXFORD>SHEFFIELD>LEEDS. Here are some shots from our Winter Tour 2014 to round off the year!

Special thanks to both The Pigeon Detectives and Embrace for inviting us to join them on their shows and to all who came, drank, danced, laughed, cheered and jeered!

M's x

FIND OUT! Some of you hipsters saw us debut this song at last week's sold-out Marsiparty in Leeds.


For those that didn't, here is a link to  Something English, the first track of our most recent recording sessions, produced by the fabulous Mickey Dale of Embrace -who we'll be supporting on selected tour dates next month!

Like it? Well you can get it exclusively when you buy a limited edition t-shirt or tote bag from marsicans.bandcamp. com


Sounding not unlike a fired-up Mystery Jets, Something English is a colourful riot of falsetto harmonies. One to cheer up even the saddest of sad-sacks.

-Bang The Drum Magazine


HURRAH! Just in time for Christmas comes Marsicans' fab new orange limited edition t-shirts and tote bags. Yours for a bargain £7 and £5 respectively and we'll even sign or personalise it for you if you want!


'Bag' yours now and you'll get an exclusive download of our new song Something English!


Available from us at gigs or online only from



How’s that weird rash? Better? Glad to hear. While you were down at the clinic, we've been busy arranging our own Marsiparty in our neck of the woods! That’s right, Thursday November 20th we’re hosting a sweet gig with The Parades and The Stray down at a Wharf Chambers in Leeds city centre.  We’re going to make something grand out of it so you should definitely be there and not at home refreshing twitter during X Factor. Tickets available from Crash and Jumbo Records, online here, or from the band -ask nicely and you might get a discount!


We love making quirky, weird, wonderful videos for you, and recently took it to the kitchen… no not to cook, but rather to stew up a special ‘hands on’ lyric video. Keep your eyes peeled.



We're delighted to announce we'll be joining Embrace on a couple of their tour dates next month in addition to our own shows in Leeds and London. Come join us!


  • Thu Nov 20, LEEDS, Wharf Chambers  tickets

  • Fri Nov 28, LONDON, Tooting Tram & Social (free entry)

  • Fri Dec 5, OXFORD*, O2 Academy  tickets

  • Sat Dec 6, SHEFFIELD*, O2 Academy  tickets

* supporting Embrace


We hope to see you somewhere in country in the next few weeks!


M's x


Lovers and friends,


If you have been closely following all things Marsican in the last few months you will have noticed a certain silly hair cut repeatedly creeping its way into view. It is with great pleasure that the owner of said silly strands can finally say hello! My name is Rob, I have been close friends with James, Oliver and Matthew for the last four years and some 9 months ago they called in a favour. This favour came in the form of low end frequency management (that’s playing bass guitar, to you and me).


I have very much enjoyed playing the early Marsican bass grooves of one Mr Joe Harvey, as well as writing and recording new material with the band, so much so that earlier this month I made the decision to join  permanently, if that’s...

It's September 5th, it's out, it's proud!


The Chivalry EP:

  1. Chivalry

  2. Terrapin

  3. MJ

  4. Scuba (remastered bonus track)

  5. EightForty (remastered bonus track)

Grab it digitally:



Or get it cheaper here with exclusive piano version of Terrapin, also available on shiny new CD*:



* "compact disc"


Hello to our bonny coterie,


September is nearly here. Summer is almost over. Our woolies are waving to us through the cupboards and drawers. I’m still trying to find reasons to wear shorts, but I can’t handle the breeze for much longer.


Saying that, things are getting heated up at ‘Marsican HQ’ with quite a bit going on this last month. We announced The Chivalry EP launch date as 5th September, signed a sync deal with ‘Play Up’ (no, they don’t fit porcelain water holders) and finished some brand new recordings.


I for one have been having too much fun, but don’t feel like you’re missing out on any fun! Because we’ll be sharing the fun with you - live! In the next couple of months we’ll be doing a bunch of shows so get on our gig page and see if...

It's happening on 5 September 2014 but you can pre-order The Chivalry EP now and bag a free bonus track of Terrapin (Piano Version) on the day of release.

We also have a limited number of COMPACT DISC available. Get on that if you prefer the the warm crackling sound of a CD spinning at 460 rotations per minute.


  1. Chivalry

  2. Terrapin

  3. MJ

  4. Scuba (remastered bonus track)

  5. EightForty (remasterd bonus track)



Afternoon to whoever reads this,


For the eagle-eyed readers of this life-changing blog, you may have noticed that we didn’t reflect on our activities for the month of July during the month itself. This however was not done through negligence or laziness, but rather because of a very fun time for us. If you haven’t suffered the bombardment of #studiotasty on our social media pages, then you won’t be in the know about our recent recording sessions. Don’t worry, I’ll catch you up now.


In the last couple of weeks we’ve been down in the studio with a certain Mr Mickey Dale (very nice guy/ham-salad-on-brown-bread advocate) recording new tracks. These (I feel) represent a development in sound for us as a band; Marsicans 2.0 if you will. These are curr...

We're massively pleased to announce that we've signed a non-exclusive sync licensing agreement with the wonderful people at PlayUp music.


Can't help wondering about all expenses paid, 1st class tickets to visit PlayUp's offices in Melbourne and the Big Apple. In the post, I expect...

Ladies and Gentleman,


Half way through 2014 and we've decided to start writing monthly updates to our blog. Why? Because for the remaining six months of the year onwards, we’re going to have a lot of thing to tell you about that require more than 140 characters to articulate. Also, for the keener beans amongst you, we hope this might act as some form of medication that eases your 2am cold sweats as you lay there thinking ‘what are Marsicans up to this month’.


For the past month, we have been working hard on a collection of new songs. We’ve been thinking a lot about the songs we’ve wrote in the past and have made a great effort to draw on different influences and bring in new sounds during the writing process. As a result we’ve come up with trac...

Hey, the response to 'Terrapin' has been amazing so far. Big marsi-thanks to everyone who has listened or got involved! Here is a selection of kind words about our hard-shelled friend:


 A terrific burst of guitar pop, angular and utterly singalongable.

-Bang the Drum  Full review


A festival and summer song, vibrant and alive with a day-glow finish.

-Music and Other Thingz  Full review


The best song we’ve heard about a terrapin in a long time.

-Substance is Meaningless  Full review


Instantly think of summertime.

-Music Beards  Full review

Thanks to those of you who've bought or listened to Chivalry since it came out a couple of weeks ago. Some fine folk even bothered to blog about it:



Marsicans are a group from Leeds who play bright indie pop. Imagine Vampire Weekend if they’d grown up in England.
-Supajam  Full review

A great song. Fun and inviting indie pop/ indie rock with great instrumentation…Reminds me of San Cisco, The Wombats, and Cub Sport. All great bands to sound like.
-Music Beards  Full review

If only every morning started as bright and breezy as Chivalry. Irresistibly infectious, Marsicans showcase their impetuous and elevated rhythms in fine detail as they continue to deliver super fun, attentive Indie-Pop songs.
-Scientists of Sound  Full review

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