SNAP! In 2015, we were fortunate enough to work with the awesomely talented photographer (and our good friend), Robbie Jay Barratt, who travelled up and down these isles with us to various gigs, sessions and shindigs. 


We've set up a facebook album with some of our fave RJB pics from the last 12 months. Check it out here





LARKS. On tour. On tour larks. That's what we had. Thanks to The South for putting up with some northern grit with such good grace. Brighton, Worthing, Basingstoke and London played wonderful hosts and forever have a place in our hearts. This is why...



See you for more shits n giggles on the road in 2016!  


M's x

Ah, October. After a 25 minute mental struggle and a full scale war with my various alarm clocks, I got out of bed this morning to find that it was still a bit dark and realised, in the words of everyone’s favourite Game Of Thrones character, that ‘Autumn is coming’. (That’s right, isn’t it?)


Summer has been an exciting time for us. Instead of soaking up the sun, we’ve been soaking up the studio and, despite having a world of fun, we’ve been itching to get back out on the road. We are undoubtedly at our best when we get to traverse the length and breadth of the country, playing our songs in some of the coolest venues around, getting to say hello to one or two of you guys along the way. Ah yes, the songs. We have been working hard on a new set w...

Oh hell, it’s September: back to schoo… wait… we don’t…

Yeahhh, it’s September!

August has had us tucked in an underground studio like moles in your nan’s garden, but less pesky and more productive. Productimoles. We’ve been crafting new ways to lay our superb musical carpets down. We feel we’ve come up with a pretty decent method and you may have seen photo evidence from Bobby J. Rabbit (aka Robbie J. Barratt) recently. He’s a good egg.

Above ground, we’ve just released our new string of tour dates. As always we’re excited to see all your nose and toes again after the summers’ festivities. Have a Captain Hook on our tour poster for a date near you and if we’re a bit out your reach, get us told! We won’t feed the hamsters that turn the gig b...

IT'S NEARLY TIME to hit the road, Jack. From September, we'll be touring up and down the UK.


See us, see you!


M's x




Ahhh August!


Wikipedia puts August between the months of July and September and I've got to say, on this one I can't argue! It's usually a month full of sun, fun and other things ending in -un. This is the point where we'd usually tell you a little anecdotal ditty for your reading pleasure, however, I'm going to get straight to the point.


This past month we've been visiting a place known as 'writing-new-songs-ville' and it's been very accommodating. After consuming around 840 cups of Yorkshire tea and 15 packets of various biscuits (usually what the nearest corner shop has on offer), we've ended up with a plethora of songs which we're VERY excited about. It just so happens that we're heading into the studio shortly to convert these songs that a...

June has passed and we’re now more than half way through the year of 2015. As technology is now developing at such a rate, I think it might be worth sharing with you that I’ve decided to put both my Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP into a safe box where they will stay in good nick and remain timeless. It’ll be hard to part with them on a long term basis but when the time capsule is opened in ten years’ time, your boy Ol is gonna be sitting on a plastic gold mine. (<<< Little tip for all you devoted band blog readers out there.)

Back to band stuff, I suppose. We’ve been busy working on new material throughout the month and so have been crash testing a few songs in our shows, first of which was in a large tent in Ossett. The show was...

INDIE-TASTIC! We've compiled a selection of our favourite tracks, band-picked for our weekly #marsicanmusicmonday on twitter between January and May this year.


With gems from Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals, The Wombats and others, you can find it on:




And here's one of our faves from Circa Waves:



May has been a month of many things; many, many things indeed. 


We began this month still feeling all warm and fuzzy about the launch of our single Gone In A Second. On April 18th, we piled in a van and drove down to our local (not pub, record store) to play an in-store show. It was #RSD15, and the vinyl enthusiasts of the world were out in force, jumping around in Jumbo Records with excitement. We had the pleasure of playing to these wondrous wax heads, as well as some of you who made it down to pick up a 7 inch and say hello. The fun didn’t end there! With aching wrists from vinyl signing, we piled back in said van and headed off up to Newcastle to play with our mates Lisbon. What a day.  


Remember that warm fuzzy feeling I mentioned? We...

 8 QUESTIONS they asked us, eight questions we answered. Thanks to US blog East of 8th for getting in touch. We've reproduced the Q&A below but you can read the full feature here.



Eo8:  Marsicans has an African-Congolese rhythmic kind of sound, how did you land on that sound/style?

MARSICANS:  Cale (Marsicans drummer, Matthew McHale) was part of a samba band in his younger days, so started to be inspired by percussion found in world music.  He brought it into the band as a suggestion.  This gelled nicely with singer James’ love for the guitar work of the South African musicians on Paul Simon’s Graceland, one of his faves.

Eo8:  You have a brand new single, “Gone In A Second,” that came out this month.  Can you talk about the ins...

Well this year has already been full of lovely things, hasn’t it? *reader nods in agreement* But if you can believe it, the past month has been even better! Let me begin….


Firstly, we dropped our video for 'Gone in a Second'  which we recorded back in a cold warehouse in winter and have been dying to share with you all. It was also featured by none other than the giant US weekly provider of entertainment, Entertainment Weekly -how nice of them, eh?


To add to all this excitement, we were delighted to find out that John Kennedy gave us our first outing on the wireless on XFM's X-posure show. Cheers, John, you big lad you! 


We’ve also been busy getting to know the beautiful sights that the M1 has to offer on our recent string of tour dates. This a...

 SPRING BREAAAAK!!! North to Newcastle, south to London plus Leeds and Stockton in between. If you don't see us live, you can find us broken down somewhere on the A1/M1 in April and May.


See you on the road,


M's x


 The past month may well have been the most exciting month yet for us bright-eyed, life lovers. In February we played a sold out show at The Library, where T-shirts were thrown at rafters and didn’t quite reach any of you in the audience. Not one. Thankfully, our good friend and incredibly talented photographer, Robbie Jay Barratt, was there to document the good bits. The week after, we took a day trip to London to see the sights and talk to a few people, then finished the week of with a show in Sheffield.

At the start of March, the Chicago based mega-blog Consequence of Sound premiered our new single Gone In A Second which is out on 18 April on limited edition orange vinyl an official Record Store Day UK release. We’re so proud of this track...

We've got your SHEFFIELD, your LEICESTER, your YORK, your MANCHESTER, your DONCASTER, your LEEDS, your NEWCASTLE, your STOCKTON, your LONDON -some of them more than once!


See you for showtime,

M's x


January is famously quite a dull month. No one has any money. It's cold, dark and pretty miserable outside. Yes, the weather suits you, as you get to hide your Christmas weight under that big coat you only get out once a year, but it’s still not great - unless you’re in Marsicans.

This month we’ve been very busy getting things ready for the launch of our new single, Gone In A Second. We sat down together to marvel at the artwork, created by our exceptionally talented friend, Olivia Hodder. We decided on a date for the release and in which formats the single will be available to have and to hold, and finally, we shot a video…

On the 22nd of January we arrived at Vox Warehouse at 7:45am, accompanied by a group of men with cameras and box of Yor...

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