This month's instalment of the NY Times bestseller Marsicans Band Blog comes from me, James. As I look out of my window to see my new Ultra Soft Pyjama Bottoms (USPBs) flying in the wind, I can't help but reminisce on what has been the best year of my life. *Queue the montage clips and power ballads*. 

BUT before I get all emotional on you, I'll fill you in on our December ongoings. 

We started the month with our final SCHOOL NIGHT of 2016. We invited down our friends in Cassia and Vynce, who played mega sets to a packed out Oporto before the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Santa and an Elf (A.K.A. us) took to the stage for what was an incredibly fun gig. I never thought we'd end our set with a cover of The Darkness' Christmas Time (Don't let the bells end)...

Those of you who are familiar with the concept of the Georgian calendar may notice that this month’s blog comes quite late in November. The reason for that is that the world of Marsicans has kept us particularly busy over the past month and I haven't had much chance to sit down and write about it. It’s also partly to do with me Googling the history of the modern calendar, reading the full Wikipedia page and then spending a while thinking about what a crazy idea that was before it was a thing. And then I started thinking about railways and what a crazy idea that must’ve been. You see my point, right?

So, I suppose that’ll do for an introduction, now i’ll give you the low-down on our highlights from the past month. 

The last leg of the Absence UK...

STOPTOBER. Stop what you’re doing, it's October and we want you -yes, you sat there!

Tour has been mad with all you coming out and creating some pretty special nights for us, a.k.a y’boyys. We love traveling out in Pat, rocking up to your local venue and busting out our new EP (with some extra hot sauce in between). We're just over half way through the 17 date tour, having played with a bunch of seriously cool bands from small intimate venues with our Yorkshire bae's Bayonet to a sold-out Engine Shed in Lincoln with Scouting for Girls.

There are still some dates left, including a chuffing huge one at Brudenell in Leeds, so don’t miss it or you’ll m...

Summer is over and Autumn has arrived (or so I'm told by Paul The Weather Man from popular BBC drama 'The News'). Soon the leaves will begin to fall from the trees and I will once again be able to wear all of my clothes instead of just some of them. Honestly, I've got a really nice coat that I haven't worn in ages, I could not be more excited to throw that bad boy over my feminine shoulders and strut. Right now though, I suppose I'd better tell you all about what we've been up to over the last month...

Firstly, we announced LOADS of shows in the UK and we are buzzing to get back out on the road. Piling into Pat, our beloved van, and traversing this country's many motorways is what we live for. We can't wait to see you all and have a party. Oli's...

COMING TO GET YA! This autumn sees our biggest UK tour to date. For gig info, new shows and updates, follow us on 🎈

18 Sep - PRESTON, 53 Degrees
22 Sep - LINCOLN, The Engine Shed
24 Sep - SHEFFIELD, The Rocking Chair
04 Oct - HULL, The Polar Bear
08 Oct - MIDDLESBROUGH, Twisterella Festival
10 Oct - SUNDERLAND, 7even
14 Oct - BANBURY, Also Known As
19 Oct - BASINGSTOKE, The Sanctuary
20 Oct - BRIGHTON, Bleach
21 Oct - LONDON, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen
28 Oct - LIVERPOOL, The Magnet
04 Nov - CHESTER, Telford's Warehouse
10 Nov - LEEDS, Brudenell Social Club
11 Nov - GLASGOW, The Old Hairdressers
12 Nov - EDINBURGH, La Belle Angèle

See you on the road! 🚐

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I always struggle when starting these blogs, there's so many ways in which to begin. Today was no different. The word 'blog' itself being today's barrier to me being able to produce anything worthy of reading. After spending a few minutes saying the word 'blog' to myself in bewilderment, Google told me it means 'weblog' and some joker shortened it to blog. Blog. It doesn't sound like a word anymore does it? Anyway...

July was lots of fun for us four Marsicans. We took a trip to Sheffield to play a Friday night Tramlines extravaganza alongside some great bands such as The Hubbards, Habitats and Flyte. Sheffield was absolutely buzzing that day and to top it off we all tried our first ever Taco Bell (Cale had a nightmare with his cheesy sauce and w...

Hi there. Your pal Ol here.

I’m writing this blog on July 19, the hottest day of the year so far. "Wow! it’s so warm" has been the opener to each conversation I have had with every single person today. Lucky for me- I spent the majority of the day in a room with three other boys away from sunlight, so not many people had to endure such predictable small talk. Lucky for you- we’re still hard at work preparing a load of cool stuff to come your way so so soon.

Since Cale’s last eccentric blog update we’ve done a lot, it seems. First off, the good people at Clash Magazine unveiled a new track from our upcoming EP, describing Far Away (Saudade) as a "gloriously off-kilter summer nugget". Now, if those words were used to describe a confectionary item,...

England! Sunshine! Festivals! Ahhhhh!

It's been crazy busy gigging as of late, spending plenty of time on the road traveling in Pat. He is bloody comfy, even if I do risk my life by leaning on the dodgy door...

We’ve met and have been reunited with some ace people this tour so far. Gonna go MCdrum and bass radio show on this now... SHOUT-OUTSSSSSSSS *AIR HORN* All y'allin Preston uni and the Bayonet Boys! *AIR HORN* The lads from Banbury! *AIR HORN* fuuuuuubaarrrrrrr Radiooooooo Crewwwwwww *AIR HORN* Everyone in Hoxton bar & kitchen w/ Jägermeister *AIR HORN*crazy crazy crazy Basingstoke Basingstoke Basingstoke! *AIR HORN*... cease transmission.

We love us some festivals and have already played Preston Summer Survival and Dot 2 Dot in Nottingham,...



Hello band blog readers. It's me, your mate Rob...


This past month has been totally crazy, lots of cool things have happened and I am going to tell you all about them.


Let's start with the really important stuff: We released our new single, Swimming. As you know we love writing music that has upbeat #vibez4dayz so we wanted this song to hit the ground as soon as the sun came out. If you listen to the words, it's actually kind of sad but there is plenty in there to dance around your bedroom to (like I do). Everyone's favourite Huw (Stephens) gave her a spin on his Radio One show, which is ace, and you lot seem to like the video, so we think the whole thing worked out quite well. 


The week we set Swimming free into the world we went on tour wit...


This past month has been a particularly busy one for us M'cans. We've traversed this island we call home playing live shows, radio shows and stripped-back Sofar Sounds shows


On the news front, I'm going to start this blog off with the month's saddest story which had the nation weeping. Anyone keeping an eye on our various social media pages will have noticed the untimely death of our noble steed, Vanessa. To those of you who knew Vanessa, you'll be glad to know she went out as she lived (struggling to reach 40mph). This all happened on Good Friday, so you know obviously we were all kind of waiting for a Jesus-esque awakening at some this space.


A double blow for us was the fact that, because of this, we were unable to make it t...

MORE B2B -banger to banger- indie choonz chosen by us plus free Jaeger flowing freely all night at our monthly SCHOOL NIGHT DJ residency. What more could you want?


Get yourselves down to Oporto on Wed 6 April, when we'll be joined on the decks by The Mexanines. Those of you who know the bands well will know that spells Double Trouble!


Get in the mood with our dedicated spotify playlist.


M's X



 So, we’re into the month of March already. That's quarter way through 2016. If I were to buy a chocolate bar and split into four even pieces, I would eat all four and not give any to the other boys. Let me tell you what we’ve been up to…


February has been a fun month of writing, planning, gigging, interviews and a light bit of manual labour. Amidst this whirlwind of activity, however, there has been a clear highlight in the form of a show we played at the Tooting Tram and Social for John Kennedy (Radio X). It was the third time we’ve played the venue but the first time we had met John and thank him for his support over the past year on his show. He’s a great guy. We had a good laugh with him backstage and talked about some exciting things fo...

WON'T YOU COME...? London's Fubar Radio invited us in to chat to the lovely Harriet Rose and play a couple of stripped back songs. Here's a new one from us called Swimming:









MORE B2B -banger to banger- indie choonz chosen by us plus free Jaeger jellies all night at our monthly SCHOOL NIGHT DJ residency. What more could you want?


Get yourselves down to Oporto on Wed 2 March, when we'll be joined on the decks by Sisteray, who we gigged with in London earlier this month, straight from their Headrow House gig with Victors, Lone Guns and Atlanta House. Did someone say "after party"?


M's X

WE'RE TEAMING UP with our Leeds indie band of brothers, Carnabells, for a showcase gig this April - and we're excited about it! With very special guests to be announced soon...


Fri 15 April. Headrow House, Leeds. Doors: 7.30pm. Music: 8pm. Age: 14+.


Tickets £5 adv available from Jumbo Records and Crash Records or online from us at




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