THANK YOU, 2017! It's been an honour: 83 shows, 5 countries, 3 singles and 1 big bag of laughs. With love and thanks to the ace team we work with, to the amazing bands we've learned from, to the wonderful people we've met along the way and especially to all of you, our fans, for your support. Also thanks for putting up with another year of Cale's jokes. 🎈

Some of this year's highlights...

European dates in Netherlands and France
Hippo Campus UK tour

Sign to LAB Records
Friends single release
UK headline shows

Coldplay share Friends video
Sign to X-Ray Touring

Friends playlisted by Radio 1
Live At Leeds

17-date UK tour with Natives
The Great Escape, Brighton

PRS Momentum Fund award
Absence EP hits 1 millio...

It’s over. 😥 The tour is over. I’m too sad. I can’t continue.

Okay, I’ll continue. We had an amazing time out with Clean Cut Kid (and Callum Beattie) on their headline tour. Following on from Rob’s blog, everything went from good to very bloody good. On the last night of tour, we traded gifts with each other, one of which was our Rob carried into CCK’S dressing room covered in squirty cream. But that wasn’t the end: the next day both bands were playing 2Q Festival in Lincoln. Both played to a wonderful crowd and got to have a chilled out beer/cider before the night turned very different and Oli held me over the river going through Lincoln...

Following this we RELEASED NEW MUSIC AHHHHHH. Throw Ourselves In is its name and throwing things in i...

Hiya loves. It's sh'boy Rob here giving you a slice of Marsicans action, straight from my almost empty head. The month is October and, in the words of The Mamas and The Papas, 'all the leaves are brown' this must mean that it is Autumn and you can confirm this by looking out of your window, assuming that you have windows and don't live in some kind of Harry Potter-esque cupboard under the stairs. (If this is the case, here is a number you can call for help: 999) Right, now that the scene is set I can tell you all about our month...

We've been on our holidays to Europe, namely the countries of France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luton and, Royal Tunbridge Wells. Okay the last two aren't countries, nor are they in Europe, but we did stop off for a...

PHOTO ALBUM from last week's dates in Europe. We had a sick time and Pat made it back in once piece. Massive thanks to wunderkind extraordinaire Adam Wood for documenting our adventures and to Hippo Campus for inviting us along as support. 🎈

See the full album here.

THANKS Light Night Leeds 2017 for using Too Good as part of this year's Civic Hall display as well as tracks from our pals Dnmrc Creary and Sam Airey. 💡🎈

Marsicans segment begins at about 10.00...

TOUR! TOUR! TOUR! Pat is primed to haul us all over the country from next week. Catch us passing through your nearest town with Hippo Campus, The Pigeon Detectives, JAWS or Clean Cut Kid!🎈

Tickets and full list of dates here.

I'm writing this month's blog drinking a glass of ice cold water with a wedge (not a slice) of lemon in a pub by myself. Why? Because I forgot my keys and I don't have any money on me. And it's raining. There's a half-melted candle, some fairy lights draped across the room and the Scissor Sisters playing on the system. Quite a fitting place to reminisce on our latest adventures.

WE RELEASED A VIDEO. It was for our single Too Good. We teamed up with our good friend Ben Hale who directed the video, Harry Bojakowski who lit us up beautifully, and four amazing dancers (big up Liv, Shawn, Rose and Beth). Big thanks to everyone involved, anyone who lent us a TV, and an even bigger thanks to whichever 80s weatherman provided me with yellow blazer I wor...

…and so the bumble bee licked the cat, flew into a tree, stole the marshmallow and fled the scene. Was mental… Oh sorry! Hi there, person reading this blog, that was just…um…I was just telling a…thing. Never mind.

This blog goes back a bit to when James and Rob went to that little bash known as Glastonbury. I wasn’t jealous. Nah, I wasn’t. Why do you think I’m jealous? I’m not. Stop shaking your head at me. I don’t care. Don’t wanna talk about it now, not ‘cause I’m jealous, just you upset me. They said it was great. I suppose it would have been better if I was there… They both then went to the Maccabees’ final tour dates, which is a rubbish thought that it was their final gigs. Hopefully they all hit their heads and want to reform next year.


LEEDS FEST. We are buzzing to announce we'll be part of the sweet line-up on the Dance to the Radio stage at this year's Leeds Festival!🎈

SUPER EXCITED to be joining Clean Cut Kid on tour in October alongside Callum Beattie. 🎈

Tickets on sale here.

BUZZING to part of a sick line-up for 2Q Festival - Lincoln along with Circa Waves, Peace and our pal from Portsmouth Jerry Williams. 🎈

Tickets available here.

 THREE MINUTES of recent tour-based idiocy. Sorry about that... 🎈

DELIGHTED to be one of the 19 UK artists chosen for Momentum funding over the coming year. Massive thanks to PRS Foundation, PPL, SpotifyUK and Arts Council England for the support! 🎈

Read the full article here.

Hi there, earth humans. It's sh'boy Rob here. May I take a few minutes of your time to tell you about what we did in May. Get it? All right, let's swiftly move on.

WE HAVE BEEN/ARE STILL ON TOUR. Yep, that's right the month of May has taken us both the furthest North AND South that we have ever been in the United Kingdom. (That's the place you lazily call 'the U.K'. Yes you do. I've heard you say it.) At the start of this month, we loaded our van Pat with instruments, amplifiers and Maoam in equal measure and set off on the biggest tour we have undertaken to date, supporting our label-mates Natives. We were both nervous and excited about what would lie ahead, so much so that Oli DIDN'T fall asleep on the way to our first show in Bristol. Oli is...

To the untrained eye, April may have looked like a quiet month in the world of Marsicans but, in the words of the current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, "Marsicans have had a really busy month". Boy is he right! 

After the highs of our Friends headline tour, which took us around this fine island we call home, we hibernated away into our rehearsal room in the search of new music. Despite our love for playing live, we had a great few weeks arguing over what new chords we could use to further our quest for musical synergy. However, as the circle of life dictates, we were soon ready to play live again. 

In preparation for our show at Live at Leeds, we headed over to York for a show at City Screen, a cool underground venue on the riverfront. My...

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