🎈WHAT A BLAST we had on the road with the BBC/Good Karma Club's Abbie McCarthy, Childcare, Lucia and a shit-ton of ace opening acts. Everything about these shows exceeded our expectations, including the nightly Wispa Gold count - thank you for fattening us up for Summer 2019! (Birmingham, you won with 67 btw.) 🍫

As always, special shout-out to all the reviewers and photographers who turned out to snap and write up. Some lovely work from you below...

London, Dingwalls - see video, photo gallery

Manchester, Academy 3 - see video, photo gallery

"With the songs coming back to back, the crowd were on a high... the room echoed to the sound and you could almost palpably feel the connection between band and fans."

- Little Indie Blogs, full review here.


We’ve had a lot of good months in Marsicanland recently, but this month has been summin’ else! I always thought Tellytubbyland was the place to be when I was a kid but then I realised that there were fully grown adults running around in those suits and Noo-Noo was actually a girl on a tricycle. Come to think of it, we do dress ourselves in similarly colourful outfits. So, I guess Marsicanland is a veiled effort to hold onto the childhood dreams that Tellytubbyland provided (for me at least). Anyway, it’s doing a pretty good job and let me tell you why.

Since releasing our first single of the year, we’ve had a ton of support from some of our favourite radio DJs including the main man Huw Stephens who made Friends his Tip of the Week, Phil Tagga...

 8 QUESTIONS they asked us, eight questions we answered. Thanks to US blog East of 8th for getting in touch. We've reproduced the Q&A below but you can read the full feature here.



Eo8:  Marsicans has an African-Congolese rhythmic kind of sound, how did you land on that sound/style?

MARSICANS:  Cale (Marsicans drummer, Matthew McHale) was part of a samba band in his younger days, so started to be inspired by percussion found in world music.  He brought it into the band as a suggestion.  This gelled nicely with singer James’ love for the guitar work of the South African musicians on Paul Simon’s Graceland, one of his faves.

Eo8:  You have a brand new single, “Gone In A Second,” that came out this month.  Can you talk about the ins...


THE CHIT-CHAT we had this week with the good folks from emerging artist platform Rormix is reproduced below for your reading pleasure..


‘Gone In A Second’ is your new single, released on 18th April 2015. How would you describe the song to brand new listeners?

The idea for the song came about after one of the band lost two grandparents last summer within a couple of weeks of each other. Obviously there’s sadness in there but the lyrics also reflect the need to embrace the good bits in life and musically it just felt right to make it upbeat, which is in keeping with our style.

The single is being released on a coloured 7″ vinyl as part of Record Store Day 2015. How important do you think Record Store Day is to independent musicians?

We’re really...

Well this year has already been full of lovely things, hasn’t it? *reader nods in agreement* But if you can believe it, the past month has been even better! Let me begin….


Firstly, we dropped our video for 'Gone in a Second'  which we recorded back in a cold warehouse in winter and have been dying to share with you all. It was also featured by none other than the giant US weekly provider of entertainment, Entertainment Weekly -how nice of them, eh?


To add to all this excitement, we were delighted to find out that John Kennedy gave us our first outing on the wireless on XFM's X-posure show. Cheers, John, you big lad you! 


We’ve also been busy getting to know the beautiful sights that the M1 has to offer on our recent string of tour dates. This a...

 SPRING BREAAAAK!!! North to Newcastle, south to London plus Leeds and Stockton in between. If you don't see us live, you can find us broken down somewhere on the A1/M1 in April and May.


See you on the road,


M's x


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