WHEN CALE SPEAKS, people listen - at least they do if they're Katherine Dempsie who was good enough to interview him for PurCulture Magazine this month. They talk hidden gems, Taylor Swift and cartoon alter egos.🎈

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I think it’s stopped snowing. I don’t know. I’ve been crying under my quilt waiting for some sunshine. But there’s no such thing as global warming...

So, yeah, we had one week to thaw off after our snowy tour and we were on the road to support Feeder, which was kinda surreal, but we had a blast. But that’s it for gigs til festival season, when it’s all about outside stages, warm beers, and checking the weather forecast to see how many ponchos and spare socks you’ll need.

It’s been announcement after announcement for us, with a bunch of festivals, new and previously played, all being announced throughout March and April, and it makes us very excited to be out in Pat with our sunglasses on to protect our eyes from the rain. Notable mention...

WHAT A DORK! Cale gets grilled on his pop star job prospects in the May edition of Dork. Will he ever get his cider? 🎈

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CALE chats to Flick Of The Finger about the reincarnation of dead singers as cats and other things. Yes, this conversation actually happened.🎈

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It’s over. 😥 The tour is over. I’m too sad. I can’t continue.

Okay, I’ll continue. We had an amazing time out with Clean Cut Kid (and Callum Beattie) on their headline tour. Following on from Rob’s blog, everything went from good to very bloody good. On the last night of tour, we traded gifts with each other, one of which was our Rob carried into CCK’S dressing room covered in squirty cream. But that wasn’t the end: the next day both bands were playing 2Q Festival in Lincoln. Both played to a wonderful crowd and got to have a chilled out beer/cider before the night turned very different and Oli held me over the river going through Lincoln...

Following this we RELEASED NEW MUSIC AHHHHHH. Throw Ourselves In is its name and throwing things in i...

…and so the bumble bee licked the cat, flew into a tree, stole the marshmallow and fled the scene. Was mental… Oh sorry! Hi there, person reading this blog, that was just…um…I was just telling a…thing. Never mind.

This blog goes back a bit to when James and Rob went to that little bash known as Glastonbury. I wasn’t jealous. Nah, I wasn’t. Why do you think I’m jealous? I’m not. Stop shaking your head at me. I don’t care. Don’t wanna talk about it now, not ‘cause I’m jealous, just you upset me. They said it was great. I suppose it would have been better if I was there… They both then went to the Maccabees’ final tour dates, which is a rubbish thought that it was their final gigs. Hopefully they all hit their heads and want to reform next year.


FESTIVAL TIME! We're just back from Glastonbury, the sun is almost shining and we're raring to start our run of summer festivals, kicking off with Barn Of The Farm. Cale chatted to Born Music Online about playing the festival, weird tour accommodation and his speed dating pitch.🎈

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Classic Hippo Campus, eh? What they like, eh?  OH you’re not sure? Well let me, Cale, tell you. We rocked (the boat) up to Thekla, Bristol to start our UK tour with them and there they were… on stage… looking glorious… God-like… thumping the shit out the drums so we rushed for our ear plugs as it was a feisty PA system. So, first things first,  we introduced ourselves and our nicknames, which, if anyone knows them, they’re a bit unconventional, plus our Yorkshire accents to American was destined for chaos but actually they instantly remembered them. And I only remembered one of their names for the first two days: "Whistler" (rare name, easy) and felt guilty for not remembering the others quite so easily.

DAY 2 in Manchester, Sound Cont...

STOPTOBER. Stop what you’re doing, it's October and we want you -yes, you sat there!

Tour has been mad with all you coming out and creating some pretty special nights for us, a.k.a y’boyys. We love traveling out in Pat, rocking up to your local venue and busting out our new EP (with some extra hot sauce in between). We're just over half way through the 17 date tour, having played with a bunch of seriously cool bands from small intimate venues with our Yorkshire bae's Bayonet to a sold-out Engine Shed in Lincoln with Scouting for Girls.

There are still some dates left, including a chuffing huge one at Brudenell in Leeds, so don’t miss it or you’ll m...

CALE CHATS to Euphoria Magazine in typically quirky Cale-style. Topics covered include:

-Pokemon Go

-Mozart's 5th

-Heston Blumenthal


Read all about it here.

M's X

England! Sunshine! Festivals! Ahhhhh!

It's been crazy busy gigging as of late, spending plenty of time on the road traveling in Pat. He is bloody comfy, even if I do risk my life by leaning on the dodgy door...

We’ve met and have been reunited with some ace people this tour so far. Gonna go MCdrum and bass radio show on this now... SHOUT-OUTSSSSSSSS *AIR HORN* All y'allin Preston uni and the Bayonet Boys! *AIR HORN* The lads from Banbury! *AIR HORN* fuuuuuubaarrrrrrr Radiooooooo Crewwwwwww *AIR HORN* Everyone in Hoxton bar & kitchen w/ Jägermeister *AIR HORN*crazy crazy crazy Basingstoke Basingstoke Basingstoke! *AIR HORN*... cease transmission.

We love us some festivals and have already played Preston Summer Survival and Dot 2 Dot in Nottingham,...


February! New music! 


They say February is the month of love, or at least a day in February is... bloody couples... but we have our first release of the year Arms Of Another and we hope you love it and cuddle it, stroke its hair, tell it it's pretty, take it for long walks on the bea..... WATCH HERE


The opposite of love is hate. And we hate not playing live for you chipmunks, so much so I asked Santa (real) for a practice pad to stop me going loopy! But the time has come and we’ve started our next leg of tour dates! Selling out Leeds gigs twice in a week with the 360 club and Leeds Student Radio, along with starting our School Night residency DJ set at Oporto Bar, crazy fun was had (warning: jägerjelly...



How’s that weird rash? Better? Glad to hear. While you were down at the clinic, we've been busy arranging our own Marsiparty in our neck of the woods! That’s right, Thursday November 20th we’re hosting a sweet gig with The Parades and The Stray down at a Wharf Chambers in Leeds city centre.  We’re going to make something grand out of it so you should definitely be there and not at home refreshing twitter during X Factor. Tickets available from Crash and Jumbo Records, online here, or from the band -ask nicely and you might get a discount!


We love making quirky, weird, wonderful videos for you, and recently took it to the kitchen… no not to cook, but rather to stew up a special ‘hands on’ lyric video. Keep your eyes peeled.



Hello to our bonny coterie,


September is nearly here. Summer is almost over. Our woolies are waving to us through the cupboards and drawers. I’m still trying to find reasons to wear shorts, but I can’t handle the breeze for much longer.


Saying that, things are getting heated up at ‘Marsican HQ’ with quite a bit going on this last month. We announced The Chivalry EP launch date as 5th September, signed a sync deal with ‘Play Up’ (no, they don’t fit porcelain water holders) and finished some brand new recordings.


I for one have been having too much fun, but don’t feel like you’re missing out on any fun! Because we’ll be sharing the fun with you - live! In the next couple of months we’ll be doing a bunch of shows so get on our gig page and see if...

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