Well, well, well... it has been bestowed upon me to fill you in on what has been happening in Marsicansland throughout May and June. You may have noticed that we didn't post one of our tell-alls last month, and we apologize profusely for that, but we were busy being an international beat combo. Or something like that, LET ME TELL YA ALL ABOUT IT THEN...

Festival season kicked off for us in a big ol' way. At the start of May, we commandeered the ears of the fine people of Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle and delivered some sweet, sweet jams into them. Despite sitting in M62 traffic for 1 million hours in the heat, it was a glorious way to start what is a rather exciting festival season for us.

Then, we hopped in a big metal can and hurtled toward...

CANADA/USA VIDEO. Last month, we brought a camcorder out with us to Toronto. What we filmed was mostly rubbish. And there's lots of it.🎈

Grab a cuppa, lower your expectations and watch the full video here.


I think it’s stopped snowing. I don’t know. I’ve been crying under my quilt waiting for some sunshine. But there’s no such thing as global warming...

So, yeah, we had one week to thaw off after our snowy tour and we were on the road to support Feeder, which was kinda surreal, but we had a blast. But that’s it for gigs til festival season, when it’s all about outside stages, warm beers, and checking the weather forecast to see how many ponchos and spare socks you’ll need.

It’s been announcement after announcement for us, with a bunch of festivals, new and previously played, all being announced throughout March and April, and it makes us very excited to be out in Pat with our sunglasses on to protect our eyes from the rain. Notable mention...

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