🎈ALL YOUR FESTIVAL CONUNDRUMS are solved by James in this month's Dork, including what do to when you need a wee in a packed tent and ditching your wanker mate.

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🎈U-S-A! U-S-A! Thanks to our American cousins at Euphoria magazine for saying the sweetest things... 🏈

"Indie-pop at its glorious best...with a highly-anticipated debut album in the works, it’s an extremely exciting time for this mind-blowingly talented quartet."

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STEPH WILLIAMS of Born Music recaps the 12 months since we released our single Too Good. Has it really been a year?! 🎈

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BIG THANKS to our American blogging cousins Popdust for the British Invasion comparisons and letting us pick some of our fave tunes including Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, Little Comets & Mystery Jets Official for their Music Monday playlist. 🎈

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ARMED WITH FILM CAMERAS and happy trigger fingers, James and Oli snapped *and developed* their own prints for our last tour for an In Photos: On Tour With Marsicans feature on The 405. 🎈

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 SOME POOR VICTIMS from Scottish music blog Vinyl Noise were foolish enough to join us on the road for a few of our UK tour dates with Hippo Campus and hand us some disposable cameras to play with. 

You can sympathise with Part 1 of their adventures here

VERY HAPPY to be be chosen for the cover for Issue 1 of new music publication Insight Magazine, made even better by the face that photos for the feature were taken by our talented friend Robbie Jay Barratt.


Copies of Insight can be ordered from here.


 "MOOD-CHANGING MAGIC"? We always knew those magic beans would come in handy one day!


Thanks to The Mover for saying such nice things and making us their Band Of The Day today, June 3rd 2015 - a day that will live in infamy.


M's x




MAIS OUI, MONSIEUR! A kind feature from our Gallic cousins across the Channel at Dealer de Sons.


La magie s’opère remarquablement en live, les mecs se connaissent parfaitement et on le ressent en les voyant jouer. Les morceaux sont maitrisés de bout en bout, et même si peu on fait le déplacement ce soir là, il apparait évident pour toute l’audience présente que le quatuor mériterait de jouer dans de plus grandes salles...


The magic works remarkably well live. The guys know each other inside out and you can feel it watching them play. The songs are crafted from start to finish and, although there isn't much room to move this evening, it seems obvious to everyone in attendance that this four-piece deserves to play larger venues...


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"Leeds-based Marsicans bring a breath of fresh air to the indie-pop music scene...Chanting, strong and honest lyrics are a prominent feature of their sound, coupled with catchy melodies and quirky rhythms...Their distinctive sound, unique Northern vocals and natural on-stage chemistry, make it foolish to miss a chance to see them live."


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The band present themselves as nothing more than lovely, genuine guys with an extreme love for music, it’s clear that this is a band with no pretensions. They describe their style as “Upbeat Indie meets Dirty Pop” and honestly that could not be more fitting...

-Leeds Music Hub


LOVELY AND GENUINE? Someone clearly doesn't know us very well.


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HOW KIND! No sooner did we post our video for Something English than Pond Music Review posted these lovely words:


Marsicans are a four-piece from Leeds with one of the best vibes around. Colourful, upbeat and feel-good in both their music and their shirt choices, they are a diamond in the rust. Similar to the likes of Foster The People and early stuff from The Kooks, for those of you wondering. One of my go-to bands when I’m in need of cheering up...


Earworm inducing guitar riffs, quirky lyrics and choruses that you’ll be singing for days are standard features of a surprisingly sunny band from the not so sunny North. 


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EXTRA EXTRA! Thanks to a recommendation from our friends at Jumbo Records, we were featured today in the Yorkshire Evening Post's regular new music feature and podcast, PostMusic, alongside Slow Club and a host of other cool cats.


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The Unsigned Guide have made us a spotlight artist of October. Sweet as a nut!


Leeds based Marsicans knew they were onto a winner with track Chivalry, written and first performed at Reading Festival in the space of just a week. Having supported the likes of Catfish & The Bottlemen and storming the festival circuit with appearances at Leeds & Reading, Bingley Music Live, plus slots at Live At Leeds over the past 3 years, their chirpy indie meets dirty pop sound is enough to get any crowd in the mood for merriment.

Click here to check out the playlist and the other cool bands -we like Of Empire.


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