Y’know when you only meet someone briefly but your solid judge of character tells you they’re a good, honest person and that in time you’ll be close friends and somewhere much further down the line you would (maybe) consider sharing a chocolate bar with them? Well, I’m getting that feeling with the year 2018, which is fortunate for me because I’m fairly certain that it doesn’t eat chocolate.

At the end of January, BBC introducing invited us down to the legendary Maida Vale studios to record four songs for the lovely Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1. Now, that’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d be writing any time soon. A huge thank you is in order to Simon, George, Rhona and the brilliant film crew for smashing it out the park from start to finish. We...

Classic Hippo Campus, eh? What they like, eh?  OH you’re not sure? Well let me, Cale, tell you. We rocked (the boat) up to Thekla, Bristol to start our UK tour with them and there they were… on stage… looking glorious… God-like… thumping the shit out the drums so we rushed for our ear plugs as it was a feisty PA system. So, first things first,  we introduced ourselves and our nicknames, which, if anyone knows them, they’re a bit unconventional, plus our Yorkshire accents to American ears...it was destined for chaos but actually they instantly remembered them. And I only remembered one of their names for the first two days: "Whistler" (rare name, easy) and felt guilty for not remembering the others quite so easily.

DAY 2 in Manchester, Sound Cont...


February! New music! 


They say February is the month of love, or at least a day in February is... bloody couples... but we have our first release of the year Arms Of Another and we hope you love it and cuddle it, stroke its hair, tell it it's pretty, take it for long walks on the bea..... WATCH HERE


The opposite of love is hate. And we hate not playing live for you chipmunks, so much so I asked Santa (real) for a practice pad to stop me going loopy! But the time has come and we’ve started our next leg of tour dates! Selling out Leeds gigs twice in a week with the 360 club and Leeds Student Radio, along with starting our School Night residency DJ set at Oporto Bar, crazy fun was had (warning: jägerjelly...

January is famously quite a dull month. No one has any money. It's cold, dark and pretty miserable outside. Yes, the weather suits you, as you get to hide your Christmas weight under that big coat you only get out once a year, but it’s still not great - unless you’re in Marsicans.

This month we’ve been very busy getting things ready for the launch of our new single, Gone In A Second. We sat down together to marvel at the artwork, created by our exceptionally talented friend, Olivia Hodder. We decided on a date for the release and in which formats the single will be available to have and to hold, and finally, we shot a video…

On the 22nd of January we arrived at Vox Warehouse at 7:45am, accompanied by a group of men with cameras and box of Yor...

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