Hiya loves. It's sh'boy Rob here giving you a slice of Marsicans action, straight from my almost empty head. The month is October and, in the words of The Mamas and The Papas, 'all the leaves are brown' this must mean that it is Autumn and you can confirm this by looking out of your window, assuming that you have windows and don't live in some kind of Harry Potter-esque cupboard under the stairs. (If this is the case, here is a number you can call for help: 999) Right, now that the scene is set I can tell you all about our month...

We've been on our holidays to Europe, namely the countries of France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luton and, Royal Tunbridge Wells. Okay the last two aren't countries, nor are they in Europe, but we did stop off for a...

PHOTO ALBUM from last week's dates in Europe. We had a sick time and Pat made it back in once piece. Massive thanks to wunderkind extraordinaire Adam Wood for documenting our adventures and to Hippo Campus for inviting us along as support. 🎈

See the full album here.

TOUR! TOUR! TOUR! Pat is primed to haul us all over the country from next week. Catch us passing through your nearest town with Hippo Campus, The Pigeon Detectives, JAWS or Clean Cut Kid!🎈

Tickets and full list of dates here.

I'm writing this month's blog drinking a glass of ice cold water with a wedge (not a slice) of lemon in a pub by myself. Why? Because I forgot my keys and I don't have any money on me. And it's raining. There's a half-melted candle, some fairy lights draped across the room and the Scissor Sisters playing on the system. Quite a fitting place to reminisce on our latest adventures.

WE RELEASED A VIDEO. It was for our single Too Good. We teamed up with our good friend Ben Hale who directed the video, Harry Bojakowski who lit us up beautifully, and four amazing dancers (big up Liv, Shawn, Rose and Beth). Big thanks to everyone involved, anyone who lent us a TV, and an even bigger thanks to whichever 80s weatherman provided me with yellow blazer I wor...

DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE that we'll be joining Hippo Campus for their European dates in #Berlinand #Brussels next month as well as the KOKO London show. 🎈

Tickets on sale here.

 OUR FRIENDS at Vinyl Noise have posted a tour video for Part 2 of their On Tour With Marsicans feature. We had a cool time with Alice and Mara who joined us on the road for dates in Glasgow, Leeds and London on our tour with Hippo Campus. 🎈

For those who missed, you can read Part 1 here.

Classic Hippo Campus, eh? What they like, eh?  OH you’re not sure? Well let me, Cale, tell you. We rocked (the boat) up to Thekla, Bristol to start our UK tour with them and there they were… on stage… looking glorious… God-like… thumping the shit out the drums so we rushed for our ear plugs as it was a feisty PA system. So, first things first,  we introduced ourselves and our nicknames, which, if anyone knows them, they’re a bit unconventional, plus our Yorkshire accents to American was destined for chaos but actually they instantly remembered them. And I only remembered one of their names for the first two days: "Whistler" (rare name, easy) and felt guilty for not remembering the others quite so easily.

DAY 2 in Manchester, Sound Cont...

THANKS Music Existence for reviewing our Glasgow show with Hippo Campus at Stereo last Saturday and the kind words. We love Scotland! 🎈

"Quirky performance, obvious onstage chemistry, and a string of fairy lights..." 

You can read the full review here

SOME LOVELY WORDS from some lovely blogs about our Manchester show with Hippo Campus at Sound Control on Saturday -thanks! 🎈

"Killing it last night with hilarious stage presence, unbridled energy and awesome talent."
- Adore Music

"Completely absorbed in their performance from the off... with the perfect amount of gusto."
Get Into This

Read the respective reviews in full here and here.

THANKS to Sacha from ace blog Vinyl Noise for the kind words and review of last Friday's show at Thekla, the first of the UK tour with Hippo Campus.

"Not only are Marsicans a delight to listen to, it’s a double whammy as it’s impossible to take your eyes off them..."

Read the full review here

Jessica Bartolini also published some pics of the show on music blog live4ever.

DELIGHTED to announce we'll be playing with the wonderful Hippo Campus as main support on all dates of their upcoming UK headline tour. These guys have been one of favourite bands for some time and we're really looking forward to being a part of this. 🎈

Tickets are available here

See you in Jan! 

M's X

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