RADIO 1's TIP OF THE WEEK is Pop-Ups (Sunny at the Weekend) - with a huge, bubbling vat of thanks to Abbie McCarthy and BBC Music Introducing for putting it forward. Thanks too to Huw Stephens and Phil Taggart for the ongoing Radio 1 support and to Tom Robinson Music for topping off our sunny weekend by giving the track its first spin on BBC Radio 6 Music! 📻☀️🎈

Y’know when you only meet someone briefly but your solid judge of character tells you they’re a good, honest person and that in time you’ll be close friends and somewhere much further down the line you would (maybe) consider sharing a chocolate bar with them? Well, I’m getting that feeling with the year 2018, which is fortunate for me because I’m fairly certain that it doesn’t eat chocolate.

At the end of January, BBC introducing invited us down to the legendary Maida Vale studios to record four songs for the lovely Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1. Now, that’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d be writing any time soon. A huge thank you is in order to Simon, George, Rhona and the brilliant film crew for smashing it out the park from start to finish. We...

BIG LOVE Huw Stephens and his crack BBC Radio 1 team Abbie McCarthy and Jacob Rickard for having us in and playing tracks from our BBC Music Introducing Maida Vale session each night this week! 🎈

For the next few weeks, you can listen to our interview with Huw here.

TIP OF THE WEEK. The delightful Rob Adcock, standing in for Huw Stephens, has chosen Throw Ourselves In as his BBC Music Introducing Tip of the Week on BBC Radio 1. Hear it floating around the BBC Radio 6 Music airwaves and 38 other BBC stations tonight from 8pm. 📻🎈


THANKS RADIO 1 and Huw Stephens for including us in your tips for 2018. New music coming soooooon!🎈

THANKS AGAIN to Huw Stephens for giving Throw Ourselves In another spin on BBC Radio 1! 🎈

"Sounds like a number one single, that." - Huw Stephens
"He’s a good lad, isn’t he, that Huw Stephens?" - James’ dad.

RADIO 1 PLAYLIST! After numerous plays on BBC national radio courtesy of Huw Stephens Phil Taggart, Tom Robinson and regionally via Alan Raw and Jono Brine, we're delighted to see that Friends has made this week's BBC Radio 1 playlist, alongside Bruno Mars, Drake and our old pals Catfish & the Bottlemen. Thanks to everyone whose given it a spin, particularly Huw for making it his Tip Of The Week on his BBC Introducing show a few weeks ago and getting the whole ball rolling! 🎈

Listen to Friends here.

We’ve had a lot of good months in Marsicanland recently, but this month has been summin’ else! I always thought Tellytubbyland was the place to be when I was a kid but then I realised that there were fully grown adults running around in those suits and Noo-Noo was actually a girl on a tricycle. Come to think of it, we do dress ourselves in similarly colourful outfits. So, I guess Marsicanland is a veiled effort to hold onto the childhood dreams that Tellytubbyland provided (for me at least). Anyway, it’s doing a pretty good job and let me tell you why.

Since releasing our first single of the year, we’ve had a ton of support from some of our favourite radio DJs including the main man Huw Stephens who made Friends his Tip of the Week, Phil Tagga...

AFTER INCLUDING FRIENDS on his Radio 1 Best of BBC Introducing playlist, we've been invited to London for Huw Stephens' monthly live showcase at the Social this Tuesday. It's a free entry night. 18+.

Check out all our tour dates here.

PLAYLISTS. Massive thanks to SpotifyUK/Japan/Netherlands/Germany/Australia and 4000 others for adding 'Friends' to their playlists this week and also to Huw Stephens for including in on Radio One's Best of BBC Introducing playlist after spinning it earlier in the week.🎈

Bang it on your playlist too!💃


Summer is over and Autumn has arrived (or so I'm told by Paul The Weather Man from popular BBC drama 'The News'). Soon the leaves will begin to fall from the trees and I will once again be able to wear all of my clothes instead of just some of them. Honestly, I've got a really nice coat that I haven't worn in ages, I could not be more excited to throw that bad boy over my feminine shoulders and strut. Right now though, I suppose I'd better tell you all about what we've been up to over the last month...

Firstly, we announced LOADS of shows in the UK and we are buzzing to get back out on the road. Piling into Pat, our beloved van, and traversing this country's many motorways is what we live for. We can't wait to see you all and have a party. Oli's...

LAST NIGHT, our favourite Welshman Huw Stephens was kind enough to premiere Absence on his BBC Radio 1 show, the fourth Marsicans track played by the BBC Introducing guru this year - we are forever grateful!

Absence is the lead track from our upcoming EP, out later this month (details to follow shortly). A live performance of the song filmed on Glastonbury's BBC Introducing stage was included in their Best of Sunday festival highlights in June. 

 A WEEK AFTER playing our live version of Absence from Glastonbury, Huw Stephens gave Far Away (Saudade) his seal of approval with a spin on Radio 1 last night.

Along with Swimming, that's the third song from our upcoming EP to have made it onto those mighty R1 airwaves this year thanks to the lovely Welshman!

M's X

WE ARE OVER THE MOON to be playing this year's Glastonbury Festival on Sunday June 26 at 12.00pm on the BBC Introducing stage. 


Thanks to Huw Stephens and BBC Radio 1 for the announcement last night. 


Lots of love,


M's X


HUUUGE LOVE to Huuuw Stephens for giving Swimming its BBC Radio 1 debut this week - and points for getting our name spot on, first time!


M's X

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