🎈ON A WARM SUMMER'S EVENING, after a long day of recording album tracks, James headed out into a field to sing an acoustic version of 'Juliet' as the last rays of sunlight faded. (Disclaimer: no wheat was harmed in the making of this video. Take note, Theresa May.) 🌾

Watch the full version >>here<< 👀

Well, well, well... it has been bestowed upon me to fill you in on what has been happening in Marsicansland throughout May and June. You may have noticed that we didn't post one of our tell-alls last month, and we apologize profusely for that, but we were busy being an international beat combo. Or something like that, LET ME TELL YA ALL ABOUT IT THEN...

Festival season kicked off for us in a big ol' way. At the start of May, we commandeered the ears of the fine people of Leeds, Liverpool and Newcastle and delivered some sweet, sweet jams into them. Despite sitting in M62 traffic for 1 million hours in the heat, it was a glorious way to start what is a rather exciting festival season for us.

Then, we hopped in a big metal can and hurtled toward...

BAND ON BAND. Yesterday The Amazons interviewed James on FUBAR Radio. The bants flowed like wine. Link below ICYMI. 🎈

From 1.17.50 >><< 

New year, new blog. 💁🏼

Let's get the pleasantries out of the way first. Hope you all had a great Christmas and new year! Naaaaaaaaat (jk).  

Glad that's over with. 

Sooooooooo.... We released a music video in December for Throw Ourselves In. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it below. This was the most fun video we've shot to date, and it was an honour to work with such talented people on it. 

We reconvened early in the new year with our new socks, deodorant and 2018 Cliff Richard calendars to get back on with operation Marsicans. 

The start of 2018 has been spent holed up in the studio recording some NEW MUSIC. And I don't know, MAYBE the next time we write a blog, there MIGHT MAYBE POSSIBLY be a new song out. Maybe. 

We had an absolute bl...

HINT: They have 8 legs. 🎈

Read the full interview here.

I'm writing this month's blog drinking a glass of ice cold water with a wedge (not a slice) of lemon in a pub by myself. Why? Because I forgot my keys and I don't have any money on me. And it's raining. There's a half-melted candle, some fairy lights draped across the room and the Scissor Sisters playing on the system. Quite a fitting place to reminisce on our latest adventures.

WE RELEASED A VIDEO. It was for our single Too Good. We teamed up with our good friend Ben Hale who directed the video, Harry Bojakowski who lit us up beautifully, and four amazing dancers (big up Liv, Shawn, Rose and Beth). Big thanks to everyone involved, anyone who lent us a TV, and an even bigger thanks to whichever 80s weatherman provided me with yellow blazer I wor...

 JAMES CHATTED to Tara Atkinson of GigSoup about the influence of dreams on new single Too Good, some of his biggest inspirations and favourite bands around at the moments. 🎈

Read the interview here.

To the untrained eye, April may have looked like a quiet month in the world of Marsicans but, in the words of the current World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, "Marsicans have had a really busy month". Boy is he right! 

After the highs of our Friends headline tour, which took us around this fine island we call home, we hibernated away into our rehearsal room in the search of new music. Despite our love for playing live, we had a great few weeks arguing over what new chords we could use to further our quest for musical synergy. However, as the circle of life dictates, we were soon ready to play live again. 

In preparation for our show at Live at Leeds, we headed over to York for a show at City Screen, a cool underground venue on the riverfront. My...

JAMES talks to Alex Pearson at Indie Central Music about our upcoming CloseUp Festival appearance and tour dates with Natives...🎈

"We tend to run around on stage for 30 minutes as frantically as possible whilst trying to get the crowd as involved as possible. It’s always a fun challenge playing in front of people who have no idea who you are."

Read the full interview here.

 JAMES CHATTED to Rebecca of NE Volume magazine, ahead of our north-east gigs in Stockton and Newcastle. Topics covered include favourite Marsicans songs, Yorkshire Tea and making the perfect Tabbouleh. 🎈

Read the full interview here.

This month's instalment of the NY Times bestseller Marsicans Band Blog comes from me, James. As I look out of my window to see my new Ultra Soft Pyjama Bottoms (USPBs) flying in the wind, I can't help but reminisce on what has been the best year of my life. *Queue the montage clips and power ballads*. 

BUT before I get all emotional on you, I'll fill you in on our December ongoings. 

We started the month with our final SCHOOL NIGHT of 2016. We invited down our friends in Cassia and Vynce, who played mega sets to a packed out Oporto before the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Santa and an Elf (A.K.A. us) took to the stage for what was an incredibly fun gig. I never thought we'd end our set with a cover of The Darkness' Christmas Time (Don't let the bells end)...

 JAMES TALKED to the good folk at Scottish blog Club Decode about touring, releases and local music scenes, following the last night of the tour in Edinburgh. 

Read the full interview here

 JAMES spoke to music blog Turtle Tempo about life in Yorkshire, turtles and what he'd say to a man named Derek. 

Read the full interview here

 JAMES chatted to the Leeds universities' student paper, The Gryphon, about unusual band influences, his dream festival line-up and life growing up on the Leeds music scene. 🎈

Read the full interview here

M's X

I always struggle when starting these blogs, there's so many ways in which to begin. Today was no different. The word 'blog' itself being today's barrier to me being able to produce anything worthy of reading. After spending a few minutes saying the word 'blog' to myself in bewilderment, Google told me it means 'weblog' and some joker shortened it to blog. Blog. It doesn't sound like a word anymore does it? Anyway...

July was lots of fun for us four Marsicans. We took a trip to Sheffield to play a Friday night Tramlines extravaganza alongside some great bands such as The Hubbards, Habitats and Flyte. Sheffield was absolutely buzzing that day and to top it off we all tried our first ever Taco Bell (Cale had a nightmare with his cheesy sauce and w...

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