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It's me: Rob, your favourite member of semi-popular beat combo Marsicans. How are you? What's new in your life? Who did YOU think would win 'Dancing On Ice' in 2011? Oh wow, I also thought it would be Vanilla Ice. It must be love.

Now that we have all the burning questions out of the way, I'm going to take you step-by-step through all things Marsican from the month of March.

Let me set the scene: it's March-eve (February 28th to non-weirdos) and sh'boys have just finished our final tour rehearsals with full production and all the trimmings. Tomorrow is the first day of our UK headline tour and we're all really excited to come out and play some sold-out shows to you lovely, lovely people. We make a list, check it twice, Oli breaks a mi...

FIT TO BURST. Issy and Ollie from Bristol University's Burst Radio paid us a visit before our show at the Louisiana.  We had a lovely had on the sofa with them.🎈

Listen to the full interview here.

BIRMINGHAM SOLD OUT! The other shows aren’t far behind. Grab your tickets while you can. We don’t want you to miss out on those high-octane, leg-kicking thrills.🎈

Remaining tickets on sale here.

DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE our main support for all dates on the March headline tour will be Scottish loves Vistas. Also joining us for individual shows are the sick artists below...🎈
LONDON - Jerry Williams.
MANCHESTER - Five Days North.
GLASGOW - Indigo Velvet.
BIRMINGHAM - Spilt Milk Society.
BRISTOL - George Glew.
LEEDS - The Golden Age of TV.

Tickets on sale here.

MARCH '18 UK HEADLINE TOUR. Our biggest shows yet! Pre-sales sold out, general tickets going fast. All 14+. Birmingham just added. Come join in the fun!🎈

Tickets available here.


LEEDS HEADLINE SHOW. It's been tooooo long but we're happy to announce our biggest Leeds show to date: Saturday March 10. Church Leeds. On sale now. £7 adv. 14+🎈

Tickets available here.

AMAZING SHOW in Camden last night. Thanks to Hippo Campus for the invite back on stage at the end! We're happy to announce our next London headline show will be at the Borderline on 2nd March 2018.  🎈

Tickets available (14+) from

We’ve had a lot of good months in Marsicanland recently, but this month has been summin’ else! I always thought Tellytubbyland was the place to be when I was a kid but then I realised that there were fully grown adults running around in those suits and Noo-Noo was actually a girl on a tricycle. Come to think of it, we do dress ourselves in similarly colourful outfits. So, I guess Marsicanland is a veiled effort to hold onto the childhood dreams that Tellytubbyland provided (for me at least). Anyway, it’s doing a pretty good job and let me tell you why.

Since releasing our first single of the year, we’ve had a ton of support from some of our favourite radio DJs including the main man Huw Stephens who made Friends his Tip of the Week, Phil Tagga...


This past month has been a particularly busy one for us M'cans. We've traversed this island we call home playing live shows, radio shows and stripped-back Sofar Sounds shows


On the news front, I'm going to start this blog off with the month's saddest story which had the nation weeping. Anyone keeping an eye on our various social media pages will have noticed the untimely death of our noble steed, Vanessa. To those of you who knew Vanessa, you'll be glad to know she went out as she lived (struggling to reach 40mph). This all happened on Good Friday, so you know obviously we were all kind of waiting for a Jesus-esque awakening at some this space.


A double blow for us was the fact that, because of this, we were unable to make it t...



 So, we’re into the month of March already. That's quarter way through 2016. If I were to buy a chocolate bar and split into four even pieces, I would eat all four and not give any to the other boys. Let me tell you what we’ve been up to…


February has been a fun month of writing, planning, gigging, interviews and a light bit of manual labour. Amidst this whirlwind of activity, however, there has been a clear highlight in the form of a show we played at the Tooting Tram and Social for John Kennedy (Radio X). It was the third time we’ve played the venue but the first time we had met John and thank him for his support over the past year on his show. He’s a great guy. We had a good laugh with him backstage and talked about some exciting things fo...

 The past month may well have been the most exciting month yet for us bright-eyed, life lovers. In February we played a sold out show at The Library, where T-shirts were thrown at rafters and didn’t quite reach any of you in the audience. Not one. Thankfully, our good friend and incredibly talented photographer, Robbie Jay Barratt, was there to document the good bits. The week after, we took a day trip to London to see the sights and talk to a few people, then finished the week of with a show in Sheffield.

At the start of March, the Chicago based mega-blog Consequence of Sound premiered our new single Gone In A Second which is out on 18 April on limited edition orange vinyl an official Record Store Day UK release. We’re so proud of this track...

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