THANK YOU Spotify for including Too Good on New Music Friday playlists in the UK and across Europe -and New Music Wednesday in Japan!- plus adding the track to The Indie List and a host of similar playlists all over the globe and finally featuring our faces on the cover of Hot New Bands.  We're delighted to have made both the UK and Japan Viral 50 charts for the first time. Most of all, thanks to the 7.5k listeners who've added it to their own playlists.🎈

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CHIT CHAT. Last month, James and Rob met Paul from ace Dutch vlog Toazted at Eurosonic Noorderslag and discussed intimate massages, adversity on tour and Yorkshire Tea. Dank je vel!🎈

You can watch the whole interview here

LAST WEEK we were invited onto The Morning Show with Kees Wieling on KX Radio in Amsterdam. After a very early start, we had a nice chat on air about our time in the Netherlands and Kees kindly sorted us out with coffee and stroopwaffels. 🎈

You can watch our bleary-eyed performance of Swimming here.

The year is 2017. America has just inaugurated it’s 45th President, an overgrown Oompa Loompa in a funny blonde wig and Britain is preparing to leave the EU, led by one of the characters from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Witches’, also wearing a funny blonde wig. Everyone is certain that the world will end soon and yet, despite all this, I just had one of the best Januarys you could possibly imagine. 

It’s your main man Rob here, coming at you live from the sofa and I’m gonna tell you all about our European tour…

Two weeks ago, me and the boys set off on a voyage that would take us across four countries. We started this voyage at the wonderful white cliffs of Dover and, after a quick frisk by the relevant authorities, we boarded a ship...

GROET! We're very pleased to announce we'll be returning in January to the Netherlands as well as playing our first ever Paris gig, ahead of UK tour dates with Hippo Campus. 

We can't wait for 2017! 🚐🎈

WE'RE THRILLED to announce that the Absence EP gets its release today in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg on Dutch indie label Liberation Frequency. Thanks to cool new music blog Gobsmag for the Benelux "primeur".

We'll be announcing some Euro-tour dates very shortly and can't wait to see our Dutchie friends again very soon!


M's X

Hi there. Your pal Ol here.

I’m writing this blog on July 19, the hottest day of the year so far. "Wow! it’s so warm" has been the opener to each conversation I have had with every single person today. Lucky for me- I spent the majority of the day in a room with three other boys away from sunlight, so not many people had to endure such predictable small talk. Lucky for you- we’re still hard at work preparing a load of cool stuff to come your way so so soon.

Since Cale’s last eccentric blog update we’ve done a lot, it seems. First off, the good people at Clash Magazine unveiled a new track from our upcoming EP, describing Far Away (Saudade) as a "gloriously off-kilter summer nugget". Now, if those words were used to describe a confectionary item,...

 AFTER A WICKED TIME in Amsterdam last month, we're happy to announce we'll be joining forces again with our Dutch friends at For The Road to put together more tour dates in the Netherlands. See you soon, A'dam!


M's X

A few people told us this song sounded like summer and it seems the good folks at the esteemed V2 Benelux label agree. They will be releasing Gone In A Second on June 29 in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.


We hope our cousins in the low countries enjoy it and, for the record, we do accept payment in Belgian beer.


M's x


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