🎈AUTUMN TOUR. We're gonna be tearing up the UK with The Sherlocks and Indoor Pets in a couple of months. Time to iron the disco pants. 🕺

On sale now here.

Hiya loves. It's sh'boy Rob here giving you a slice of Marsicans action, straight from my almost empty head. The month is October and, in the words of The Mamas and The Papas, 'all the leaves are brown' this must mean that it is Autumn and you can confirm this by looking out of your window, assuming that you have windows and don't live in some kind of Harry Potter-esque cupboard under the stairs. (If this is the case, here is a number you can call for help: 999) Right, now that the scene is set I can tell you all about our month...

We've been on our holidays to Europe, namely the countries of France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luton and, Royal Tunbridge Wells. Okay the last two aren't countries, nor are they in Europe, but we did stop off for a...

SUPER EXCITED to be joining Clean Cut Kid on tour in October alongside Callum Beattie. 🎈

Tickets on sale here.

STOPTOBER. Stop what you’re doing, it's October and we want you -yes, you sat there!

Tour has been mad with all you coming out and creating some pretty special nights for us, a.k.a y’boyys. We love traveling out in Pat, rocking up to your local venue and busting out our new EP (with some extra hot sauce in between). We're just over half way through the 17 date tour, having played with a bunch of seriously cool bands from small intimate venues with our Yorkshire bae's Bayonet to a sold-out Engine Shed in Lincoln with Scouting for Girls.

There are still some dates left, including a chuffing huge one at Brudenell in Leeds, so don’t miss it or you’ll m...

Ah, October. After a 25 minute mental struggle and a full scale war with my various alarm clocks, I got out of bed this morning to find that it was still a bit dark and realised, in the words of everyone’s favourite Game Of Thrones character, that ‘Autumn is coming’. (That’s right, isn’t it?)


Summer has been an exciting time for us. Instead of soaking up the sun, we’ve been soaking up the studio and, despite having a world of fun, we’ve been itching to get back out on the road. We are undoubtedly at our best when we get to traverse the length and breadth of the country, playing our songs in some of the coolest venues around, getting to say hello to one or two of you guys along the way. Ah yes, the songs. We have been working hard on a new set w...

IT'S NEARLY TIME to hit the road, Jack. From September, we'll be touring up and down the UK.


See us, see you!


M's x




Lovers and friends,


If you have been closely following all things Marsican in the last few months you will have noticed a certain silly hair cut repeatedly creeping its way into view. It is with great pleasure that the owner of said silly strands can finally say hello! My name is Rob, I have been close friends with James, Oliver and Matthew for the last four years and some 9 months ago they called in a favour. This favour came in the form of low end frequency management (that’s playing bass guitar, to you and me).


I have very much enjoyed playing the early Marsican bass grooves of one Mr Joe Harvey, as well as writing and recording new material with the band, so much so that earlier this month I made the decision to join  permanently, if that’s...

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