We’ve had a lot of good months in Marsicanland recently, but this month has been summin’ else! I always thought Tellytubbyland was the place to be when I was a kid but then I realised that there were fully grown adults running around in those suits and Noo-Noo was actually a girl on a tricycle. Come to think of it, we do dress ourselves in similarly colourful outfits. So, I guess Marsicanland is a veiled effort to hold onto the childhood dreams that Tellytubbyland provided (for me at least). Anyway, it’s doing a pretty good job and let me tell you why.

Since releasing our first single of the year, we’ve had a ton of support from some of our favourite radio DJs including the main man Huw Stephens who made Friends his Tip of the Week, Phil Tagga...


November: a month that will see me reach an age with such distinct qualities that it provided Taylor Swift with enough substance to write the 2012 hit single, ‘22’. Who knows if I will be ‘happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time’, or if the year will be both ‘miserable and magical’, all I know is that if it’s good enough for T-Swizzy, it’s good enough for ya boy O-Jammy. Anyway, less about the unpredictable future and more about the definable past; more specifically, the events of the last month or so...


October began with our return to Oporto to man the decks once more as we warmed up for Circa Waves following their O2 Academy show. It was a wild evening that saw us take the call lane drinkers on a journey from Indie Rock to R Kelly...

June has passed and we’re now more than half way through the year of 2015. As technology is now developing at such a rate, I think it might be worth sharing with you that I’ve decided to put both my Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP into a safe box where they will stay in good nick and remain timeless. It’ll be hard to part with them on a long term basis but when the time capsule is opened in ten years’ time, your boy Ol is gonna be sitting on a plastic gold mine. (<<< Little tip for all you devoted band blog readers out there.)

Back to band stuff, I suppose. We’ve been busy working on new material throughout the month and so have been crash testing a few songs in our shows, first of which was in a large tent in Ossett. The show was...

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