🎈LIVE SESSION ON RADIO 1. Thanks to the lovely Huw Stephens for playing two tracks we recorded live for BBC Music Introducing/BBC Radio 1 last week, as part of the SXSW British Music Embassy line-up. Grab yourself a bean toasty and listen back to our rendition of 'Juliet' + a BRAND NEW TRACK. 💁🏻

Listen from 1h42m >>here<<

🎈RADIO 1 TONIGHT. Our new single 'Can I Stay Here Forerver (pt.II)' gets its first BBC Radio 1 spin on the national airwaves tonight thanks to our pal Huw Stephens and his BBC Music Introducing show. Tune in from 11pm. 📻
Listen // save // share now.

🎈 THANKS to the OG Phil Taggart for playing Your Eyes on his BBC Radio 1 Hype Chart show last night. If you ever need a hype-man for those special occasions, hit us up, Phil. 🕺

Check out Your Eyes here. 👀

RADIO 1 ANNIE MAC - mahoooosive thanks for giving Your Eyes its first BBC Radio 1 spin on last night's Future Sounds with Annie Mac . Buzzing to get this going into the tour! 👀 🎈

All UK dates now selling fast. Grab yours here. 💪

Y’know when you only meet someone briefly but your solid judge of character tells you they’re a good, honest person and that in time you’ll be close friends and somewhere much further down the line you would (maybe) consider sharing a chocolate bar with them? Well, I’m getting that feeling with the year 2018, which is fortunate for me because I’m fairly certain that it doesn’t eat chocolate.

At the end of January, BBC introducing invited us down to the legendary Maida Vale studios to record four songs for the lovely Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1. Now, that’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d be writing any time soon. A huge thank you is in order to Simon, George, Rhona and the brilliant film crew for smashing it out the park from start to finish. We...

BIG LOVE Huw Stephens and his crack BBC Radio 1 team Abbie McCarthy and Jacob Rickard for having us in and playing tracks from our BBC Music Introducing Maida Vale session each night this week! 🎈

For the next few weeks, you can listen to our interview with Huw here.

New year, new blog. 💁🏼

Let's get the pleasantries out of the way first. Hope you all had a great Christmas and new year! Naaaaaaaaat (jk).  

Glad that's over with. 

Sooooooooo.... We released a music video in December for Throw Ourselves In. If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it below. This was the most fun video we've shot to date, and it was an honour to work with such talented people on it. 

We reconvened early in the new year with our new socks, deodorant and 2018 Cliff Richard calendars to get back on with operation Marsicans. 

The start of 2018 has been spent holed up in the studio recording some NEW MUSIC. And I don't know, MAYBE the next time we write a blog, there MIGHT MAYBE POSSIBLY be a new song out. Maybe. 

We had an absolute bl...

TIP OF THE WEEK. The delightful Rob Adcock, standing in for Huw Stephens, has chosen Throw Ourselves In as his BBC Music Introducing Tip of the Week on BBC Radio 1. Hear it floating around the BBC Radio 6 Music airwaves and 38 other BBC stations tonight from 8pm. 📻🎈


THANKS RADIO 1 and Huw Stephens for including us in your tips for 2018. New music coming soooooon!🎈

THANKS BBC Radio 1 and BBC Introducing for putting Throw Ourselves In straight in at number two on this week's Best of BBC Music Introducing playlist. 📻🎈

Check out the playlist here.

THANKS AGAIN to Huw Stephens for giving Throw Ourselves In another spin on BBC Radio 1! 🎈

"Sounds like a number one single, that." - Huw Stephens
"He’s a good lad, isn’t he, that Huw Stephens?" - James’ dad.

…and so the bumble bee licked the cat, flew into a tree, stole the marshmallow and fled the scene. Was mental… Oh sorry! Hi there, person reading this blog, that was just…um…I was just telling a…thing. Never mind.

This blog goes back a bit to when James and Rob went to that little bash known as Glastonbury. I wasn’t jealous. Nah, I wasn’t. Why do you think I’m jealous? I’m not. Stop shaking your head at me. I don’t care. Don’t wanna talk about it now, not ‘cause I’m jealous, just you upset me. They said it was great. I suppose it would have been better if I was there… They both then went to the Maccabees’ final tour dates, which is a rubbish thought that it was their final gigs. Hopefully they all hit their heads and want to reform next year.


RADIO 1. Shout out to Huw Stephens for giving Too Good its BBC Radio 1​ debut last night - and to John Kennedy of Radio X for giving the song its first national spin in the UK on Monday. We bleddy love you, guys!🎈

RADIO 1 PLAYLIST! After numerous plays on BBC national radio courtesy of Huw Stephens Phil Taggart, Tom Robinson and regionally via Alan Raw and Jono Brine, we're delighted to see that Friends has made this week's BBC Radio 1 playlist, alongside Bruno Mars, Drake and our old pals Catfish & the Bottlemen. Thanks to everyone whose given it a spin, particularly Huw for making it his Tip Of The Week on his BBC Introducing show a few weeks ago and getting the whole ball rolling! 🎈

Listen to Friends here.

 LESS THAN A WEEK since its release, we're bowled over by the early support given to our new single Friends. Massive thanks to Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1, John Kennedy at Radio X, Alan Raw at BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire and Scruff of the Neck Records for the Amazing Radio spotlight as well as the various regional, online and community stations who have given it a spin! 🎈

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