AFTER THREE YEARS, next month's School Night, curated by Dork and headlined by LUCIA with support from Deco & ørmstons, will be our last regular monthly night. Join us at Oporto on Dec 5th for one final soiree as we (The International Superstar DJ's) take a well earned rest from the adrenaline fuelled life of the modern disc jockey. 🎈

JOOOON SCHOOOOL NIGHT. We're shaping up for our last School Night of term at Oporto, Leeds, Wed June 6th. Banging live sets ahoy from Loux//GRDNS//Still Circles, all curated by Emily Pilbeam of BBC Introducing/Radio 1 fame + sh'boyyys on the decks and the jäger! 🎈

COMING SOON: our monthly School Night at Oporto, Wed May 2. This time it's curated by Leeds vinyl label Come Play With Me and features live sets fro The Golden Age of TV  // VIDE0 // L.A. PEACH...with yyyyy'boys on the decks and the drinks! 🎈

Event details and tickets here.

SCHOOL NIGHT. We've only just recovered from the last one and yet the next one is just around the corner. Pleased to have Newcastle's A Festival, A Parade headlining our April School Night at Oporto with support from The Boxing & N /\ L /\, all curated by Tipping Point.  April 4. The Jäger is on us!🎈

LEEDS AFTERPARTY! Join us after our Church, Leeds show on Saturday March 10 for a School Night Special end-of-tour party down at Oporto - where else? Free entry with your gig ticket. 18+. 🎉💃

I'm writing this month's blog drinking a glass of ice cold water with a wedge (not a slice) of lemon in a pub by myself. Why? Because I forgot my keys and I don't have any money on me. And it's raining. There's a half-melted candle, some fairy lights draped across the room and the Scissor Sisters playing on the system. Quite a fitting place to reminisce on our latest adventures.

WE RELEASED A VIDEO. It was for our single Too Good. We teamed up with our good friend Ben Hale who directed the video, Harry Bojakowski who lit us up beautifully, and four amazing dancers (big up Liv, Shawn, Rose and Beth). Big thanks to everyone involved, anyone who lent us a TV, and an even bigger thanks to whichever 80s weatherman provided me with yellow blazer I wor...


SCHOOL NIGHT IS BACK. We're teaming up with our mates at Emily Pilbeam (BBC Introducing, Radio 1), Scruff of the Neck and CloseUp Promotions to bring you 3 crazy cool nights at Oporto this autumn; each one packed live bands and banger-to-banger DJ sets from yyyyyyy'boys and special guest DJs. As always, early arrivals get a free JD & coke for their troubles.🎈

Our next night, curated by CloseUp Promotions, is Wed 1 Nov headlined by Stockport's other indie-pop band No Hot Ashes with support from Leeds baes Heir and Hows Harry. We'll be manning the decks to spin some fresh bangers. You've been warned.

This month's instalment of the NY Times bestseller Marsicans Band Blog comes from me, James. As I look out of my window to see my new Ultra Soft Pyjama Bottoms (USPBs) flying in the wind, I can't help but reminisce on what has been the best year of my life. *Queue the montage clips and power ballads*. 

BUT before I get all emotional on you, I'll fill you in on our December ongoings. 

We started the month with our final SCHOOL NIGHT of 2016. We invited down our friends in Cassia and Vynce, who played mega sets to a packed out Oporto before the Virgin Mary, Jesus, Santa and an Elf (A.K.A. us) took to the stage for what was an incredibly fun gig. I never thought we'd end our set with a cover of The Darkness' Christmas Time (Don't let the bells end)...

MORE B2B -banger to banger- indie choonz chosen by us plus free Jaeger flowing freely all night at our monthly SCHOOL NIGHT DJ residency. What more could you want?


Get yourselves down to Oporto on Wed 6 April, when we'll be joined on the decks by The Mexanines. Those of you who know the bands well will know that spells Double Trouble!


Get in the mood with our dedicated spotify playlist.


M's X

MORE B2B -banger to banger- indie choonz chosen by us plus free Jaeger jellies all night at our monthly SCHOOL NIGHT DJ residency. What more could you want?


Get yourselves down to Oporto on Wed 2 March, when we'll be joined on the decks by Sisteray, who we gigged with in London earlier this month, straight from their Headrow House gig with Victors, Lone Guns and Atlanta House. Did someone say "after party"?


M's X

BACK TO BACK indie choonz spun by us and special guests at our brand new DJ residency for 2016.


Get yourselves down at Oporto, Leeds for the 1st Wed of each month for some SCHOOL NIGHT antics Joining us on Feb 3, none other than...Carnabells!


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