Cale, drums

Hello to our bonny coterie,

September is nearly here. Summer is almost over. Our woolies are waving to us through the cupboards and drawers. I’m still trying to find reasons to wear shorts, but I can’t handle the breeze for much longer.

Saying that, things are getting heated up at ‘Marsican HQ’ with quite a bit going on this last month. We announced The Chivalry EP launch date as 5th September, signed a sync deal with ‘Play Up’ (no, they don’t fit porcelain water holders) and finished some brand new recordings.

I for one have been having too much fun, but don’t feel like you’re missing out on any fun! Because we’ll be sharing the fun with you - live! In the next couple of months we’ll be doing a bunch of shows so get on our gig page and see if we’re playing near you, you crazy characters.

In other news, Hendrix* made friends with a hedgehog, James bought a pure silk jacket and OJ had his nude picture leaked onto the internet...

Many loves,



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