Lovers and friends,

If you have been closely following all things Marsican in the last few months you will have noticed a certain silly hair cut repeatedly creeping its way into view. It is with great pleasure that the owner of said silly strands can finally say hello! My name is Rob, I have been close friends with James, Oliver and Matthew for the last four years and some 9 months ago they called in a favour. This favour came in the form of low end frequency management (that’s playing bass guitar, to you and me).

I have very much enjoyed playing the early Marsican bass grooves of one Mr Joe Harvey, as well as writing and recording new material with the band, so much so that earlier this month I made the decision to join permanently, if that’s all right with you of course!

Let me tell you what we have been up to this last month:

We’ve been limbering up our joints in preparation for some live shows, the first of which happened in Wakefield at Warehouse 23. We had a blast, and got to meet a certain Jake Bugg, who’d come down to enjoy an evening of live music, whilst working on his script for ‘A Bugg’s Life 2’. We then went on the road to sunny Middlesbrough, playing a packed out Mixtape at The Keys. There was a flashing disco floor, it was ace! We posed for some photographs, taken by the very talented Giles Smith (Giles got styles) and we’re now chomping at the bit to play some more gigs!

In other news… Matty became Kanye West, Oliver lost a silver Sharpie, James got over excited at Light Night Leeds and I realised that tucking in shirts is just not for me.

Until next time,

Rob. xxx

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