How’s that weird rash? Better? Glad to hear. While you were down at the clinic, we've been busy arranging our own Marsiparty in our neck of the woods! That’s right, Thursday November 20th we’re hosting a sweet gig with The Parades and The Stray down at a Wharf Chambers in Leeds city centre. We’re going to make something grand out of it so you should definitely be there and not at home refreshing twitter during X Factor. Tickets available from Crash and Jumbo Records, online here, or from the band -ask nicely and you might get a discount!

We love making quirky, weird, wonderful videos for you, and recently took it to the kitchen… no not to cook, but rather to stew up a special ‘hands on’ lyric video. Keep your eyes peeled.

FREE STUFF! I love free stuff. Get a FREE acoustic version of one of our new songs, Gone in a Second, here.

And saving the best till last: thoroughly excited to announce that Embrace have kindly invited us to play on their tour shows in December at Oxford o2 Academy (Friday 5th) and Sheffield o2 Academy (Saturday 6th). I’m hiring a crane to say sorry and help reattach the roofs once we’ve finished blowing them off with our sonic presence.

In other news, Olly has separation issues over a silver sharpie, Rob barred a lippy customer, James bought a gizmo that replicates the stars on your roof, I shall be having a sleepover at James’ once he gets said ‘gizmo’.


Cale x

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