Friends, Romans, Marsifans –A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

2014 was a year packed full of high-lights and de-lights for us. It’s hard to pick them all out but among the things that gave us pleasure were the release of The Chivalry EP along with a video that gave the poor editors sleepless nights (it did win an award for their efforts though!); our favourite Live At Leeds to date; the band’s first Radio 1 play for Terrapin; brand new recordings; hearing our music used in settings we didn’t expect like Scottish Football and a wine festival promo; a homemade video for Something English; rounding off the year with some cracking live dates and support slots with Embrace and The Pigeon Detectives on our Winter Tour 2014.

Team Marsican was also blessed by the arrival of The Two Robbies: Rob Eaglesham as band manager and Rob Brander as low-end frequency manager (that’s “bassist” to you and me). Both characters have lent their own unique energies to proceedings and are helping to create a new dynamic that we’re all buzzing off.

And so to 2015! What does it hold? Well…who knows really? We anticipate thrills and spills, shits and giggles and that our next release will be a single called Gone In A Second. There’ll be more about that in the weeks to come but for now we’re giving away an acoustic version if you’d like a taster.

But the main priority, as ever, will be enjoying ourselves onstage and off, creating music that you like hearing and we like playing. Whatever else happens along the way, please come along for the ride!


James x

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