January is famously quite a dull month. No one has any money. It's cold, dark and pretty miserable outside. Yes, the weather suits you, as you get to hide your Christmas weight under that big coat you only get out once a year, but it’s still not great - unless you’re in Marsicans.

This month we’ve been very busy getting things ready for the launch of our new single, Gone In A Second. We sat down together to marvel at the artwork, created by our exceptionally talented friend, Olivia Hodder. We decided on a date for the release and in which formats the single will be available to have and to hold, and finally, we shot a video…

On the 22nd of January we arrived at Vox Warehouse at 7:45am, accompanied by a group of men with cameras and box of Yorkshire Tea. Working closely with Phil and Rob from Sodium, we had come up with a cool idea for a video. They made that idea a reality, and it’s cooler than being cool (ice cold). Speaking of cold, warehouses aren’t warm. On the day we stayed alive by running around in a circle, had our hair done by professionals (for the first time ever) and tried to look as hot as possible*. We can’t wait to show it to you all!

January also saw James and Cale take to the television to be interviewed about our upcoming slot at this year’s Live At Leeds festival, following the line-up announcement. This is the first time any of us have been on telly, and the rumours are true: it adds ten pounds.

We’re heading back out to play some more live shows in February, writing new material and generally having a top laugh on the way. I’m looking forward to it.

Meanwhile… James bought a new shirt, Oliver handed in his dissertation, Cale went to the Merseyside Derby and I broke my phone charger by dropping the end in a brew.

Until next time, love you…

Rob. Xxxx

*DISCLAIMER: Looking hot and being physically warm are two very different things, we nearly died that day.

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