THE CHIT-CHAT we had this week with the good folks from emerging artist platform Rormix is reproduced below for your reading pleasure..

‘Gone In A Second’ is your new single, released on 18th April 2015. How would you describe the song to brand new listeners?

The idea for the song came about after one of the band lost two grandparents last summer within a couple of weeks of each other. Obviously there’s sadness in there but the lyrics also reflect the need to embrace the good bits in life and musically it just felt right to make it upbeat, which is in keeping with our style.

The single is being released on a coloured 7″ vinyl as part of Record Store Day 2015. How important do you think Record Store Day is to independent musicians?

We’re really pleased to be a part of RSD. There’s a debate around how beneficial it is for independent musicians and labels but it’s definitely a good thing for independent record stores and we’re very lucky to have two good ones in Leeds in the form of Crash and Jumbo Records. They’ve supported us and we’re keen to do the same.

The single was introduced by Consequence Of Sound, and the video premiered on Entertainment Weekly – how does it feel to have had such positive press before the single has even been released?

We were massively surprised to get such high-profile press for the single but are really happy about it, especially as they’re both based in the USA. It’s great to think people on the other side of the world like what you’re doing and I don’t think there’s a band out there that doesn’t dream of touring America.

You’ve been playing gigs around the country in preparation for the release. Do you prefer playing live or writing and recording the music?

We love it all! It’s immensely satisfying when songs come together, sometimes in ways that exceed your expectations, but it’s hard to beat the excitement of being onstage and playing in front of people -and there’s nothing like the feeling of getting a positive reaction for a new song or from a crowd you haven’t played to before.

You have been compared to bands like The Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend and Catfish and The Bottlemen – but who are your main musical influences?

Everyone in the band brings their own musical loves and passions to the table and these naturally just filter into the music. We do like the bands mentioned but we have a wide range of influences from current indie stuff to classic pop like the Beatles and Beach Boys. Samba rhythms and African guitar patterns work themselves in there too from time to time.

How would you describe the music scene in your hometown of Leeds?

At the moment, the Leeds scene is great! There are a lot of young indie-pop type bands coming up and doing good things. Many of them have emerged and evolved around the same time as us. So you’ll see ourselves, Carnabells, Clay, Vitamin, Glacier Pacific, Mexanines all showing up at each others’ gigs -there’s a lot of mutual support out there and it feels like things are starting to happen for a lot of these bands. Exciting times!

The videos for ‘Chivalry’ and ‘Gone In A Second’ both feature the band playing live with colourful backdrops. Who decides on the concept of the videos, and how long do they take to film?

We worked with a Leeds production company called Sodium on those videos. They know us well and are great guys to work with. Both videos were filmed in a day. The editing is usually the tricky bit! The choice of colours in both cases fitted in with what we were doing elsewhere and for ‘Gone In A Second’ it tied in with the artwork Liv Hodder did for the single. We were really pleased with how it turned out.

How important do you think it is to release the visuals to coincide with the music?

Like music, visuals impact on different people in different ways but in this day and age, it’s hard to see a scenario where you could be successful only releasing music and not having a strong visual element. We try to keep that in mind and to produce visuals that complement the music, not just with videos but with the things we do online and onstage. It’s all connected.

You received lots of positive press for the up-beat indie pop that you create. How does the writing process work between all four of you?

There’s not set way we do things but James or Rob will usually have an idea for a song and bring it into rehearsal. It can be something they’ve come up with themselves or worked on together beforehand. Everyone comes up with their own parts and then works collectively to come up with an arrangement that feels right for the band. Sometimes it all just falls into place -and sometimes it takes a bit more effort!

Finally, after the release of the single and the UK tour to support, what are the next steps for Marsicans?

Yeah, we’ve got dates to play over the next two months, then the focus will be on writing and recording over the summer. We’ve already recorded some tunes for an EP, which we hope to finish over the summer and put out probably towards the end of the year -and we’ll just be writing and playing and doing our thing in the meantime. We’ll see what happens!

Interview byNicole Broad.

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