Rob Brander

May has been a month of many things; many, many things indeed.

We began this month still feeling all warm and fuzzy about the launch of our single Gone In A Second. On April 18th, we piled in a van and drove down to our local (not pub, record store) to play an in-store show. It was #RSD15, and the vinyl enthusiasts of the world were out in force, jumping around in Jumbo Records with excitement. We had the pleasure of playing to these wondrous wax heads, as well as some of you who made it down to pick up a 7 inch and say hello. The fun didn’t end there! With aching wrists from vinyl signing, we piled back in said van and headed off up to Newcastle to play with our mates Lisbon. What a day.

Remember that warm fuzzy feeling I mentioned? Well things were about to get a lot more warm and a LOT more fuzzy. May is the month of the annual Live At Leeds festival, which we love to bits. We were given the opportunity to open up at Leeds University this year and were genuinely taken aback by how many of you were there to start the day with us. We had an absolute blast and cannot thank you enough! (That’s the warm then; the fuzzy came later after eleventeen pints of Heineken and storming sets from some of our favourite bands.)

We didn’t have long to recover from LAL when the North East was again a-calling, and we were back up in Stockton to play at KU Bar. We tried our first ever Parmo (google it, they’re mental) and celebrated a ‘Boro win with some lairy lads. It was ace. After this it was down to the Big Smoke to play London’s Sebright Arms. The gig was class, but perhaps not the most eventful occurrence of the evening. On the way home, bleary eyed and broken we were the first on the scene of a huge Lorry collision!


After ensuring the drivers were safe and calling the emergency services, we stood on in shock as flames licked the clouds. I decided that getting off the road was the safest thing to do, fell down the grass verge and landed in a load of nettles. I now have super powers.

In other news… Oliver got his ear pierced, James got some glasses, Cale got a centre parting and joined A1, and I saved a family of badgers with my nettle powers.

Stay cool, see you soon.

Rob x

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