June has passed and we’re now more than half way through the year of 2015. As technology is now developing at such a rate, I think it might be worth sharing with you that I’ve decided to put both my Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP into a safe box where they will stay in good nick and remain timeless. It’ll be hard to part with them on a long term basis but when the time capsule is opened in ten years’ time, your boy Ol is gonna be sitting on a plastic gold mine. (<<< Little tip for all you devoted band blog readers out there.)

Back to band stuff, I suppose. We’ve been busy working on new material throughout the month and so have been crash testing a few songs in our shows, first of which was in a large tent in Ossett. The show was a lot of fun despite standing upon the slippiest, sliddiest stage known to us four and our previous stage grip inspections. Shout-out to the girls who insisted on us signing their actual iPhones -MAD!- and to one of their dads who took a selfie with us to annoy his daughter -LAD! Next, we were asked to play a really cool festival called 110 Above, joining the bill with the likes of Lucy Rose and Bipolar Sunshine. Unofortunately, we ended up having to cancel that show due to James and his inability to step out of a van. More on that later though. On the 18th June, we made a surprise appearance at Oporto in Leeds for PeeltheApple. Shout-out to Jonny who books quality bands. His shows are some of the best in Leeds. We dropped three new tunes into the set and blazed through it in what felt like a heartbeat, the reality of time kicked in however as I fell backwards over the drums into Cale’s lap and laid there for what felt like an eternity. I enjoyed the moment we shared but Cale has told me since that he’s had better.

After chatting to people who came to the show, I left the bar and caught the last train home, excited for our headline slot at 110 Above in Leicestershire the next day. We woke the next morning with some bad news: James had fallen out of High Tyde’s van and somehow got a tennis balled lodged under the skin of his ankle (or at least that’s how it looked). Lads being lads and lads being from Yorkshire, we told him “you’ll be ‘right”. The doctor told him later that afternoon that he would in fact not be all right and was told to rest his foot completely for the next few days. WE’LL BE THERE NEXT YEAR, 110 ABOVE!

A few days rest gone by, we managed to carry James onto a boat on Leeds canal to film an acoustic session with our friends DRK Creative. The boat is a taxi which people actually use to get from one side of Leeds to the other, so we were lucky enough to play to a few captive audience members along the way.

Saving the best until last, we are pleased to announce that V2 Records in Benelux are releasing ‘Gone In A Second’ to the people of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. These guys are super cool and work with everyone from Arctic Monkeys to Simply Red. Now that’s a sandwich I’d like to provide the filling to. Anyway Europe, hope you like itttttt!

In other news, Rob expressed a dislike to Turkish cuisine, Cale disappeared off the face of the earth for three whole days, James went to Glasto in search of a group of magic hippy’s to heal his ankle and I went to see Rob at work to talk about my feelings.

Oli x

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