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Ahhh August!

Wikipedia puts August between the months of July and September and I've got to say, on this one I can't argue! It's usually a month full of sun, fun and other things ending in -un. This is the point where we'd usually tell you a little anecdotal ditty for your reading pleasure, however, I'm going to get straight to the point.

This past month we've been visiting a place known as 'writing-new-songs-ville' and it's been very accommodating. After consuming around 840 cups of Yorkshire tea and 15 packets of various biscuits (usually what the nearest corner shop has on offer), we've ended up with a plethora of songs which we're VERY excited about. It just so happens that we're heading into the studio shortly to convert these songs that are buzzing round our heads into 3-minute ear worms awaiting your delight and delectation. We'll reveal all in the coming months but for now, here's a waving bear.

Meanwhile we've been lucky enough to have our single Gone in a Second released on V2 Records over in Benelux (that's Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to the less travelled folk). This release resulted in our first major international airplay on 3FM, the Dutch go-to for absolute radio bangers, and a pleasure for us to be included on. I mean, we were even on before "COME MY LADY, COME COME MY LADY, YOU'RE MY BUTTERFLY, SUGAR BABY', you know, that massive tune.

What I'm trying to say is, although we may seem a bit shtum in the coming weeks, we're in fact busy creating more music for you to get your hands on and most importantly, to enjoy!

In other news: Oli has created a cardboard team of fairytale characters to keep him company, Cale has continued on his mission to grow the longest hair this side of the River Aire, Rob took part in the pilgrimage to the Beatles museum and I rekindled my love for My Name is Earl (all about that moustache).

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