Cale, photo by Robbie J. Barratt

Oh hell, it’s September: back to schoo… wait… we don’t…

Yeahhh, it’s September!

August has had us tucked in an underground studio like moles in your nan’s garden, but less pesky and more productive. Productimoles. We’ve been crafting new ways to lay our superb musical carpets down. We feel we’ve come up with a pretty decent method and you may have seen photo evidence from Bobby J. Rabbit (aka Robbie J. Barratt) recently. He’s a good egg.

Above ground, we’ve just released our new string of tour dates. As always we’re excited to see all your nose and toes again after the summers’ festivities. Have a Captain Hook on our tour poster for a date near you and if we’re a bit out your reach, get us told! We won’t feed the hamsters that turn the gig booking wheels for each day they take getting us to your local town/yacht/chippy! * ** ***

*No hamsters were harmed in the booking of our tour **All hamsters lost weight during the booking of our tour ***Tony the hamster won ‘Biggest Loser’ and was awarded a certificate and trophy

So keep your pears peeled and pies locked in on our social media sites for what’s to come in the next few months. Shits gon’ (in a second) get real exciting soon! And if you’re not on the mailing list yet, you might want to sign up now. *nudge, nudge*

In other news…James equipped himself with a 90’s R’n’B bit of kit, Oli went to wonderland, Rob drank his wardrobe’s weight in beer at Leeds Festival and I’ve been unleashing my inner Beatle.

Cale, out x

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