Ah, October. After a 25 minute mental struggle and a full scale war with my various alarm clocks, I got out of bed this morning to find that it was still a bit dark and realised, in the words of everyone’s favourite Game Of Thrones character, that ‘Autumn is coming’. (That’s right, isn’t it?)

Summer has been an exciting time for us. Instead of soaking up the sun, we’ve been soaking up the studio and, despite having a world of fun, we’ve been itching to get back out on the road. We are undoubtedly at our best when we get to traverse the length and breadth of the country, playing our songs in some of the coolest venues around, getting to say hello to one or two of you guys along the way. Ah yes, the songs. We have been working hard on a new set with some exciting twists and turns, to keep even the most experienced of Marsicans fans on the edge of their metaphorical seats. We also have a new vessel in which to travel. The sharp eyed followers of our fun may have spotted ‘Vanessa’ our new van (okay it’s a 1997 Ford Transit, but what you gonna do?) in the background of one or two photos. She’s a beaut and can hit warp speed on demand.

This last month has seen us play some of our favourite gigs to date, including two stand out evenings of joy. Firstly, we were invited by the lovely people at SoFar Sounds to play in the wonderful White Cloth Gallery, Leeds to a room full of even lovelier people. This was a totally stripped back affair, where respectful silence was held as we softly delivered acoustic renditions of our new tunes to a totally new audience. We decided to shake things up somewhat, when we provided each member of the crowd with a homemade rice shaker and asked everyone to join in for our last few songs. Beautiful chaos followed.

Our second stand-out came on a Sunday (of all days), at Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds, where we supported the incredible Summer Camp. Almost immediately after the last chord was strummed, we all piled in the van and managed to make it to Oporto where our pals Lone Guns were launching their new single Auction (<<<check it out, it’s super cool). The show was run by PEELTHEAPPLE promotions, who kindly invited us to make our debut as INTERNATIONAL SUPER CLUB DJs. Feeling like Kevin and Perry, and Kevin and Perry 2, the four of us squished into the DJ booth and brought Oporto to its knees. It could have been the Jagermeister, but it was probably us wasn’t it?

We can’t wait to play some more shows, and have many more on the horizon that we hope you can make. We’ll bring biscuits, honest.

In other news: Cale built a wall, Oli almost ran for his life away from a drunken man in a pizza shop, James encouraged a load of Scottish rugby fans to dance on a table by putting on The Proclaimers, and I completed one month as a Vegetarian, just to see if I could.

Until next time, don’t forget to wash behind your ears.

Love, Rob. X

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