December is a great time to reflect on the year, whether you've become the world's greatest Connect 4 player, successfully remembered all the words to JB's new album, or something else as equally skilful. Of course there are two types of people at this time of year: those who lose theirselves amongst all the festivities, selection boxes and wishful dreams of a white Christmas; and those who couldn't care less. I'm in the former of those two categories.

2015 has been one big old tasty slice o'pie for us. We've genuinely had the best time ever. I'm going to take a moment amongst my boring ramblings to just say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has crossed paths with us in any way this year. If you came to a gig, housed us, drove us, put up with our terrible jokes (blame Cale), bought our music, illegally downloaded our music, bought merch, are still reading these blogs, sent us a nice message on the internet, then this one's for you! I'd hug you if you were sat with me.

We're planning some exciting things for the new year which will be sure to cure any January blues you may have, but that's for another blog!

In other news: Cale Titchmarsh fully landscaped the whole of Leeds, Rob went to see the Maccabees, Oli dreamed of becoming Billy Elliot, and I visited the magical world of Harry Potter (and loved it).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to every single one of you,

Lots of Love,


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