Good morning/afternoon/evening, humans.

The year is 2016 and I could not be more excited about what these next 12 months have in store. Amongst the band I am known for being ‘charmingly verbose’, for over-wording, or taking the long way round in order to get to the point. This time I’m going to get straight to it…

We’re gonna be releasing some new music this year, lots of new music. Music that we spent the most part of 2015 writing, road testing, re-writing and recording. We’re very proud of the song and were over the moon when the PRS for Music Foundation announced they would be pressing our songs onto 12 inch vinyl in the coming months.

Last year, we were lucky enough to find truly wonderful friends in the form of DRK Creative, a team of independent filmmakers based in Leeds. The guys spent a long time on the road with us, documenting our every move, and have put together a video for our next single. A year’s worth of tour footage has gone into the project, and if you’ve never been to see us live, this is the next best thing. Again, we are overwhelmed with excitement to show you their work. Watch this space...

We’ll be playing some more shows this year, taking our new music to cities that we’ve never visited before, and some that we already know and love. We hope you allow us back; we’ll be good, promise.

Closer to home, we will be setting up shop in Leeds bar, Oporto for a monthly DJ residency. We’ve asked some of our favourite bands to play Back to Back sets with us, and while they’re currently dusting off their record collections, we’re trying to learn how to use a laptop cos we’re not very cool.

In advance I want to say thank you to anyone reading this, anyone who is planning on buying a record, coming to a gig or having a party with us on a School Night. We can’t wait to see you, this year is gonna be massive.

In other news, James kicked a man out of a pub on Christmas day, Oli got hit on by his brother’s girlfriend’s auntie, Cale worked out that walking his dog is much less tiring if he takes his skateboard, and I bought a baby pink jumper that makes me look like a Marshmallow’s love-child.

Happy January, lots of love.

Rob. xxxx

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