February! New music!

They say February is the month of love, or at least a day in February is... bloody couples... but we have our first release of the year Arms Of Another and we hope you love it and cuddle it, stroke its hair, tell it it's pretty, take it for long walks on the bea..... WATCH HERE.

The opposite of love is hate. And we hate not playing live for you chipmunks, so much so I asked Santa (real) for a practice pad to stop me going loopy! But the time has come and we’ve started our next leg of tour dates! Selling out Leeds gigs twice in a week with the 360 club and Leeds Student Radio, along with starting our School Night residency DJ set at Oporto Bar, crazy fun was had (warning: jägerjelly may contain jägermeister).

Speaking of love, we recently announced a couple of festivals and we love festivals! We shall be playing 110 Above Festival and Kendal Calling! Get your floral headbands and wellies on, lads! Gonna be crazier than two pheasants in a bar brawl.

In other news, James became a full time cameraman on our new Snapchat ‘Marsicam’, Rob decided its a grilled bean sandwich, not a toasty (hmmm...), Oli bought a guitar pedal that can manipulate space-time (Red Pada Particle for those who are interested), and I pimped my doc Martins with insoles and leather sole cushions - heaven!


Cale xxx

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