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So, we’re into the month of March already. That's quarter way through 2016. If I were to buy a chocolate bar and split into four even pieces, I would eat all four and not give any to the other boys. Let me tell you what we’ve been up to…

February has been a fun month of writing, planning, gigging, interviews and a light bit of manual labour. Amidst this whirlwind of activity, however, there has been a clear highlight in the form of a show we played at the Tooting Tram and Social for John Kennedy (Radio X). It was the third time we’ve played the venue but the first time we had met John and thank him for his support over the past year on his show. He’s a great guy. We had a good laugh with him backstage and talked about some exciting things for later in the year. Also a shout out to Braden who got the hummus in for the lads along with a selection of other dips. (You know us well, Braden!)

We’ve also announced a big Leeds show at Headrow House on Friday 15th April. We’re joined by our long time pals, Carnabells, and some "very special guests" who have been hard at work on something cool that will be dropping very soon. Tickets are flying out quickly for this so don’t wait around. We’ll also give you a cool lil something extra too if you buy from us at

March has got off to a good start too, we’ve just been down to London to play a show in a bakery for Sofar Sounds where we met a hip hop group called The Age of Luna who were considerably cooler than us and a girl called Alejandra Ribera who was an incredible singer and had the whole room in a trance. Whilst we were down we also met up with a really cool Japanese guy called Masamichi Hirose who took some photos of us and has some real nice work over on his website and played a live session at Fubar Radio (VIDEO).

Anyway, I better stop there and leave some goss for next months blog.

In other news, Rob has got his mind set on a pair of creepers, James had a particularly bad evening, Cale kept his cool during a School Night-related issue and I’ve recently been listening to 50 Cent’s 2003 masterpiece, Get Rich or Die Tryin’.


Oli x

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