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This past month has been a particularly busy one for us M'cans. We've traversed this island we call home playing live shows, radio shows and stripped-back Sofar Sounds shows.

On the news front, I'm going to start this blog off with the month's saddest story which had the nation weeping. Anyone keeping an eye on our various social media pages will have noticed the untimely death of our noble steed, Vanessa. To those of you who knew Vanessa, you'll be glad to know she went out as she lived (struggling to reach 40mph). This all happened on Good Friday, so you know obviously we were all kind of waiting for a Jesus-esque awakening at some this space.

A double blow for us was the fact that, because of this, we were unable to make it to our Liverpool show at Maguires that night with October Drift, Tusk and Joe Symes & the Loving Kind. We looked at every feasible way of getting to the show, including riding Cale across the M62 but, due to the catastrophic nature of the breakdown, there was no way to make it on time. So, Liverpool, we owe you one!

On a more cheery note, this past month also saw us shoot our NEW POP STAR MUSIC VIDEO. It was a great day filming with Orillo Productions, who as well as being super talented, were an absolute blast to work with. The video is for our upcoming single Swimming. This will be with you shortly, and I honestly can't wait for everyone to hear/see it. I mean, we had a disco ball above a bath, a tent, some imported turf and a rotating stage - what's not to love?

So, as I write this, sat next to a coach toilet, trying not to throw up from the smell of stagnant piss, I'm thinking about the month ahead, and boyyyyy is it going to be fun. Our now SOLD OUT!!! (cheers, everyone) headline show at Headrow House on April 15th is going to be pretty special, so whoever got a ticket, we'll see you there. We are joined by the ever-exquisite Carnabells, and delightful new outfit Glass Mountain, both of whom have great new music out at the moment which you should definitely go listen to (after you've finished reading this of course).

In other news, I drove a boat in the Lake District, Rob went to Scarborough and met a penguin, Cale got a new puppy, and Oli started the 30-day Squat Challenge to further his pursuit of the 'UK's most sculpted buns'.

Right, I'm going to try and sleep to escape this smell.

Lots of love,

James X

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