Hello band blog readers. It's me, your mate Rob...

This past month has been totally crazy, lots of cool things have happened and I am going to tell you all about them.

Let's start with the really important stuff: We released our new single, Swimming. As you know we love writing music that has upbeat #vibez4dayz so we wanted this song to hit the ground as soon as the sun came out. If you listen to the words, it's actually kind of sad but there is plenty in there to dance around your bedroom to (like I do). Everyone's favourite Huw (Stephens) gave her a spin on his Radio One show, which is ace, and you lot seem to like the video, so we think the whole thing worked out quite well.

The week we set Swimming free into the world we went on tour with SoFar Sounds and got to play some acoustic shows in really interesting places. If you haven't heard of SoFar then SORT YOUR FUCKING LIFE OUT and check out this video of us playing in a bakery in London. Cool, eh? To top it all off, we played a sold-out headline show at Headrow House in Leeds. It was sick and I got in the crowd and danced around like previously mentioned, so all that practice in my bedroom paid off.

This month, we got to announce that we're going to be playing our first show overseas, in Amsterdam of all places. We also got added to the Kendal Calling and Dot to Dot festival line-ups, I've bought a new tent cos our weekends are filling up pretty fast with festivals. Anyway, speaking of new...

WE'VE GOT A NEW VAN! We had a low-key funeral for Vanessa, just close friends and family, but to help us through our grief (and to get to shows) we brought back into service Pat, an ex-Royal Mail postvan (lol). He's a magnificent red blur who is limited to 70mph.

That's about all I can tell you for now.

In other news, Cale turned 23, Oli wore a truly horrible jumper, James woke up later than he would've liked and I became obsessed with fruit tea.

See you on the flip side.

Love, Rob. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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