Photo: Robbie Jay Barratt

England! Sunshine! Festivals! Ahhhhh!

It's been crazy busy gigging as of late, spending plenty of time on the road traveling in Pat. He is bloody comfy, even if I do risk my life by leaning on the dodgy door...

We’ve met and have been reunited with some ace people this tour so far. Gonna go MC drum and bass radio show on this now... SHOUT-OUTSSSSSSSS *AIR HORN* All y'all in Preston uni and the Bayonet Boys! *AIR HORN* The lads from Banbury! *AIR HORN* fuuuuuubaarrrrrrr Radiooooooo Crewwwwwww *AIR HORN* Everyone in Hoxton bar & kitchen w/ Jägermeister *AIR HORN*crazy crazy crazy Basingstoke Basingstoke Basingstoke! *AIR HORN*... cease transmission.

We love us some festivals and have already played Preston Summer Survival and Dot 2 Dot in Nottingham, enjoying a dance after our set backstage with Tommy from Rat Boys’ crew and having a go at a vendor for not giving me a double cheeseburger even though it was on the board (it was on the board though) - all in good spirits, mind you! But we’ve still got a handful to go and recently announced GLASTONBURY which is pretty insane. But none the less, also have 110 Above and Kendall Calling festivals to look forward to too. Hope to see your adorable face there ;) .

Recently we broke our European gig virginity and went on a mad trip to Amsterdam playing two shows! Thanks to those that even made the trip over from England. Nutters. We were told by none other than Nelly's (yeah, plaster face Nelly) driver to move our van to make way for their two massive sleeper busses! So technically it looked like we were on tour with Nelly... *cough* we’ve toured with Nelly.

We even got cosy at a Coldplay gig.

In other news, a gang of swallows have started hanging out on my windowsill (and I stroked their tail), Oliver told Mystery Jets a deep secret, Rob warms up his vocals by breathing into the FA Cup and James bought a jacket more funky than James Brown.


(Yung) Cale xxx

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