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Hi there. Your pal Ol here.

I’m writing this blog on July 19, the hottest day of the year so far. "Wow! it’s so warm" has been the opener to each conversation I have had with every single person today. Lucky for me- I spent the majority of the day in a room with three other boys away from sunlight, so not many people had to endure such predictable small talk. Lucky for you- we’re still hard at work preparing a load of cool stuff to come your way so so soon.

Since Cale’s last eccentric blog update we’ve done a lot, it seems. First off, the good people at Clash Magazine unveiled a new track from our upcoming EP, describing Far Away (Saudade) as a "gloriously off-kilter summer nugget". Now, if those words were used to describe a confectionary item, I’d take two. I’d probably eat them both at the same time. So thanks for that Clash. We were so buzzing to read all the kind words you lot sent us about it too, all the more so that it got some play on Radio 1 and Radio X as well. It has also been added to the Best of BBC Introducing playlist which we are really chuffed about.

Soon after that, we travelled to Leicestershire to play at 110 Above which is a really cool festival run by such friendly people and genuine music lovers. Couple of highlights for me were Theme Park (our manager Sham danced to them like no one was watching) and D.I.D who we’ve been fans of since we started this band. Big Shout out to Michael Lain and the artist liaison staff for looking after us all weekend and everyone who helped Pat out of the mud. Pat had a difficult weekend but he came rolling out of that festival with more game than Justin Timberlake in the video for Señorita.

A week later we found ourselves at Worthy Farm playing Glastonbury 2016 - how did that happen? The whole weekend was an absolute blast and we can’t believe the amount of people that took time out of their day to watch the set online too! BBC also included our performance of Absence in their Best of Sunday highlights along side the big dogs. Massive thank you to BBC Introducing for making it happen for us; a real dream come true. There was one downside however: on the way to Shangri-La for our Sunday night blow-out, I took a wrong turn and lost everyone. 20 minutes passed and I accepted that I was now a lone wolf and had to make my own night, which looked a lot like me sleeping on a bamboo mat whilst cradling a warm fosters at 2am. YES, their Sunday night was much more exciting. Not like I care.

Recently we’ve been doing a couple of cool things with Chapel FM and our good producer friend/ ray-of-sunshine, Ed Heaton. One of which was a radio broadcast in the company of an intimate audience, it was a unique atmosphere and we really enjoyed the change of scenery. The other is an extra special live session that we will unveil when the time is right. It’s a little more tasteful than our usual loud guitars and pounding drum set up.

Oh, and we’re also very pleased to be working again with For The Road to put together more tour dates in the Netherlands. Our brief time over there last month was enough to make us eager to come back, we can’t wait!

In other news, Rob has been very enthusiastic about a certain brand of Piri-Piri sauce, James has re-discovered the Thermos Flask, Cale is off catching Pokemon and I trapped my finger in a very heavy door and experienced new levels of pain.

Lots of love,

Oli x

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