GRATEFUL for the awesome response and kind words being said about Far Away (Saudade), some of which we've quoted below. The track will be out very soon on our upcoming EP release.

"A gloriously off-kilter summer nugget."

- Clash Magazine

"Tight, confident blend of catchy alt-pop that’s rammed with melodies and powers along with a summery groove"

- Record Of The Day

"Top notch drumming and guitar riffs, vocals and harmonies – perfect!"

- Fresh On The Net

"Marsicans create an inescapable buzz that doesn’t let go...imagine a heavier Paul Simon amongst some Hot Club de Paris and Little Comets...truly uplifting."

- Hidden Herd

"Ablaze with striking addictive hooks and quirky lyrics...all wrapped in sweet luxurious melodies, sprinkled with lush harmonies."

- Indie Buddie

"Quirky groove lines, slashing guitar riffs and four-part harmonies."

- Little Indie Blog

"A single that shows the Leeds four-piece are ready to become one of Britain’s most exciting bands."

- CloseUp

"Guitar-driven gem with glorious riffs, against a slice of Portuguese, will bring you to a vigorous eargasm."

- The Dutch Guy

"Ascending riffs that elevate you higher than you thought possible. Make sure you catch this one live."

- Mytacism Music

"The sound of a band on the up: radio-friendly, ear-friendly and, most importantly, credible."

- The Pentatonic

"Vocals are not usually the most intriguing part of British garage rock but where Marsicans go a totally makes the song."

- Independent Clauses

"Equally intricate and fun..a sweet middle ground that many couldn’t even dream of pulling off."

- Best Before

"De zomerse gitaartjes, aanstekelijke ritmes en vlotte zanglijnen vallen precies in het plaatje van de dirty-pop stijl van de Britten."


"Una composición tan vívida y veraniega..."

- +Stage

"Refined harmonies, infectious riffs and a rough rock edge."

- Conversations About Her

"A tune to brighten up Britain’s rainiest summer day."

- Outlet Magazine

"An infectious indie belter from one of the most exciting indie acts to emerge from Leeds."

- Clunk Magazine

Artwork by Liv Hodder

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