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I always struggle when starting these blogs, there's so many ways in which to begin. Today was no different. The word 'blog' itself being today's barrier to me being able to produce anything worthy of reading. After spending a few minutes saying the word 'blog' to myself in bewilderment, Google told me it means 'weblog' and some joker shortened it to blog. Blog. It doesn't sound like a word anymore does it? Anyway...

July was lots of fun for us four Marsicans. We took a trip to Sheffield to play a Friday night Tramlines extravaganza alongside some great bands such as The Hubbards, Habitats and Flyte. Sheffield was absolutely buzzing that day and to top it off we all tried our first ever Taco Bell (Cale had a nightmare with his cheesy sauce and white jeans).

For some people the dizzy heights of cheese-induced euphoria would be hard to overcome, but we have a job to do and a week later we found ourselves in the fields at Kendal Calling. For those of you who haven't been, it's got a great atmosphere, great bands and scenery that looks like that on the fancy postcards you send yourself from the seaside on family holidays so you can read it when you get back and feel like you have friends. Just me? Ok. All I'm trying to say is, it's a beautiful place.

Highlights: Everything Everything, Ghostpoet

Lowlights: Missing The Darkness' set and the opportunity to scream 'I believe in a thing called love' and air guitar the 'Love Is Only A Feeling' solo.

So that's the shows covered. Now for something extra special. Some of you may have noticed we went out to sea recently. I can't say too much about that but we've teamed up with Orillo again for our video for 'Absence' and it was extremely enjoyable to film. Things will become a lot clearer in the weeks to come.

That's about it for today's weblog/blog. Blog. Thanks if you've been to one of our shows over the past few months, we've had a blast. We will have news for you about some forthcoming shows soon so sit tight until then.

In other news, Cale had a custard cream and crumpets for breakfast, Rob went big at the Races, Oli won the award for nicest looking finger at the 2016 Finger Of Britain Awards and I promised to myself for the 5th time that I'm going to learn another language.



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