Those of you who are familiar with the concept of the Georgian calendar may notice that this month’s blog comes quite late in November. The reason for that is that the world of Marsicans has kept us particularly busy over the past month and I haven't had much chance to sit down and write about it. It’s also partly to do with me Googling the history of the modern calendar, reading the full Wikipedia page and then spending a while thinking about what a crazy idea that was before it was a thing. And then I started thinking about railways and what a crazy idea that must’ve been. You see my point, right? So, I suppose that’ll do for an introduction, now i’ll give you the low-down on our highlights from the past month.

The last leg of the Absence UK tour was unreal and completely exceeded our expectations, including sold out shows in Leeds and Edinburgh. The Leeds show at Brudenell Social Club was a very special night for us and quite easily our favourite gig to date. Huge shoutout and a lot of respect to Nathan and the team for running such a well oiled beast, it’s so easy to see why the Brudenell is regarded as one of the best venues in the country. And, of course, thank you to all you lot who came to the show or any other show on the tour and dragged your mates along, without you we’d be playing to our manager and the sound engineer each night. We’d still have fun, but they’d probably get sick of us.

Our first time in Scotland was really, really cool and what we lacked in heating in the van, we made up for in Moaom and Yazoo consumption. Needless to say, Pat wasn’t phased by the snowy highlands the north had to offer (he later admitted he thought they were just speed bumps). Edinburgh was the perfect end to the tour and after the show we found ourselves at Citrus club with the Indigo Velvet boys, drinking something the locals refer to as a ‘skull shot’. I won’t disclose what the shot consists of as it brings back too many painful memories, but here is a clue: everything. Aside from touring, we teamed up with Jack Daniels and PEELtheAPPLE to launch our own night in Leeds called School Night which was a bucket load of fun. Massive thanks to Happy Daggers, Bayonet, Curb and NARCS for doing their thang and being part of it. The next School Night will be a Christmas special on the 7th December at Oporto and y’boys Marsicans will be playing live along side VYNCE and Cassia plus guest DJ's Night Owls. Get your tickets for this ASAP because it’s gonna be a busy one!

So yeah, we’ve been busy, but we still found time to win the ‘Best Cinematography’ award for Absence at the Leeds Music Video Awards 2016. Huge thanks Rianne White for her ever ambitious mind and Orillo Productions for bringing the idea to life and being such a fun set of guys to work with. There have been some amazing videos coming out of Leeds over the past year and i’m very happy to be part of a scene of such creative talent.

We’ve got loads more cool stuff coming your way including some exciting tour news, but you don’t wanna hear about that, do you? In other news, Rob passed his driving test whilst wearing my jumper, Cale is back on the Night Nurse, James has worn his National Geographic fleece for 30 consecutive days and I attempted to be a hard drive data recovery expert and, of course, failed. Yours faithfully, Oli

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