Photo: Emma-Jane Browne

MASSIVE THANKS to French blogs, Sound of Brit and JustFocus for reviewing our first gig in France at L'international, Paris. Photographer Emma-Jane Brown also posted this collection of photos from the night.

We had an amazing time in front of a great crowd. Incredible to have people in another country singing along to our songs and we'll never forget the bi-lingual rendition of Happy Birthday, sung for our James. Merci, Paris! 🎈

The stage is set and Marsicans arrive around 10:20 pm. 40 mins are on the program. No pause, no room for sadness. Marsicans are there to make us dance, jump and scream. Aided by effective compositions like "Gone in a Second", which serves as opening track, the quartet puts the audience in the pocket quickly. It's hot, and smiles are ubiquitous.

The pieces are linked, among them, small pop nuggets such as "Swimming" or "Far Away", reminding us of bands that we appreciate a lot. Indeed, Marsicans is a mix between Circa Waves, Two Door Cinema Club or the Beach Boys. The show ends with the expected "Chivalry" that allows the audience to dance one last time. A bright future seems promised for these four English youngsters. Lucky are the Parisians to have had the opportunity to see Marsicans on this evening at the International because it seems obvious that the group will scale the ladders quickly.

-Sound of Brit (full review in French)

On this cold evening of January 17, Marsicans gave their first concert in Paris and we were not disappointed. As soon as they arrived on stage, the tone of the concert was immediately set with an audience that quickly began to have fun and dance...

Tonight, we could really see that the band has an undeniable talent. But also a crazy energy on stage that gives us very want to see them again soon.

-JustFocus (full review in French)

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