Artwork by Olivia Hodder

LESS THAN A WEEK since its release, "Friends" is gathering increasing attention from the blogosphere, propelling us into this week's Hype Machine's 10 Most Blogged Artists. Here's a slice of the nice things being said about our latest track...🎈

"Thumps and drives with gritty guitars, a funky bassline, a punchy kick and soaring harmonies." - Earmilk

"Raucous rocker with a sweet sentiment." - The Revue

"The kind of melodic work that draws in fizzing crowds to intimate venues." - Get Into This

"Pumps you up and leaves you in awe."

- Turtle Tempo

"Stone cold pop genius from start to finish."

- We Close Tonight

"Heavy on the lyrical content, yet still one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard."

- Independent Clauses

"As infectious as it is electrifying."

- Insomnia Daily Dose

"Uptempo beats, staccato guitars and a heady mix of harmonies, leading to a chorus you need to jump around to."

- Popped Music

"High energy with carefully crafted bridges and lulls that mirror the subject matter."

- Euphoria Magazine

"A sharp, urgent sound harnessing their joyous live vibes in a pop-perfect three minutes."

- Bang The Drum Magazine

"A breath of guitar driven fresh air."

- When The Horn Blows

"Busy indie rock with traces of bracing tropical pop."

- Feisty Magazine

"Catchy, irreverent Brit-rock."

- The Monday Morning Tapes

"A band with a name as catchy as their latest single."

- Indie Is Not A Genre

"Marsicans’ trademark harmonies backed by a sometimes quirky, sometimes raucous groove."

- East of 8th

"Celebrating sticky, youthful lifelong bonds. Exuberant."

- With Guitars

"Pin-point harmonies and sharp guitar riffs instil a sense of happiness through an invigorating chorus."

- Indie and Tonic

" this!"

- Flick of the Finger


- Indie For Bunnies

"イングランド/リーズ出身のインディーポップバンド Marsicansが、2/17にリリースしたニューシングル 'Friends'を公開"

- Niche Music

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