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Classic Hippo Campus, eh? What they like, eh? OH you’re not sure? Well let me, Cale, tell you. We rocked (the boat) up to Thekla, Bristol to start our UK tour with them and there they were… on stage… looking glorious… God-like… thumping the shit out the drums so we rushed for our ear plugs as it was a feisty PA system. So, first things first, we introduced ourselves and our nicknames, which, if anyone knows them, they’re a bit unconventional, plus our Yorkshire accents to American was destined for chaos but actually they instantly remembered them. And I only remembered one of their names for the first two days: "Whistler" (rare name, easy) and felt guilty for not remembering the others quite so easily.

DAY 2 in Manchester, Sound Control, where we had a man named Marios controlling our sound, and we played to a sold out crowd (I did a rhyme). Also my second night at the side of the stage where people could actually see me = DREAM TOUR. Day 3 was a day off at home, cleaning our undies and white socks. Day 4 and suddenly we were surrounded by a lot of Scottish people, because we were in Glasgowwwww wooooooo! We we’re also joined by a rowdy pair of twins, known as the crazy Haddens (don’t stare at their hands) and they followed us on the rest of our tour, blogging things and taking snaps, for their site Vinyl Noise. In the top section of the venue Stereo is a restaurant, and before we played, we had vegan pizza… we’re not vegan but that gloopy cashew cheese was pretty good! (Not for the vocals though).

Day 5, LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS, YORRRRRKSHIREEEEEEEE. We were in Leeds. The weather was pretty rubbish, but that’s how we like it. The gig was ace though and it was lovely playing to a sold-out Belgrave, everyone there made a thoroughly great atmosphere and gave us a nice welcome home. Day 6 FINAL DAY! It had been great thus far and London was set up to be the cherry on a cake made by Mary Berry herself. We got settled into our dressing room in Camden (which was surrounded by the queue of people waiting to get into the gig) and as we sat there eating chicken mayo sandwiches, olives, hummus, crisps etc. we looked like zoo animals, surrounded by the paying visitors, watching crumbs and olives dropping everywhere. It was fun. The show was one of our favourite London shows to date, a sold-out Dingwalls with an extremely talented bunch of TOP LADS. Following said gig, we all went out for some drinks, crew and all, to have a good old end of tour chill, which led to me almost weeing myself on the underground…So...Much...Pain… it hurts thinking back. Right, I’m off for a wee. Ahhhhh that’s better… so yeah, a HUGE shout out to the Hippo Campus boys; Whistler, Nathan, Jake, Zach (remembered!) for being into us as much as we are into them and picking us to go out with them around the UK. Their crew, Rich, Holly, Scott, for being lovely and giving a hand moving gear over when they didn’t have to. And to all the fans who came out to see us both, bought merch, sang, swung their T shirts over their heads, all that good stuff, you gave us an amazing tour to cry happy tears over.

marsi-campus and crew

Following this we’ve been in the Dungeon of Love again, recording our sounds with Mickey Dale, into a computer that may or may not let you listen to them in the future… so that’s some exciting stuff to be excitably excited over. Actually my dog Hendrix said he kind of likes the new stuff and might come to a gig. I don’t believe him, he’s skint and lazy.

AND, yes there’s another and, there’s a lot of information, we’ve been busy all right… FRIENDS has been released to the WORLD!!!!!!! Friends is our latest single, and I for one am most happy its out in the open on the Spotify and the Soundcloud and the iTunes and all the other ‘the…’ media outlets available to us. We recorded this in the Dungeon of Love with Mickey a little while back and it has been heard by anyone who's come to a gig the past few months (come to our gigs if you wanna hear stuff before anyone else). A new T shirt was born with the release of the song too, so if you would like one of those, our merch elf will happily send you one in the post, OR we can hand one over to you at the merch table in one of our many gigs. They’re cosy and worth it.

All right, I’ve said too much, so...

In other news, James sold away his problems and bought a new musical toy which actually works. Oli saw his puppy vomit for the first time. Rob certainly won’t become a photographer anytime soon, and I like to use "…" whilst writing blogs.

Cale out.


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