We’ve had a lot of good months in Marsicanland recently, but this month has been summin’ else! I always thought Tellytubbyland was the place to be when I was a kid but then I realised that there were fully grown adults running around in those suits and Noo-Noo was actually a girl on a tricycle. Come to think of it, we do dress ourselves in similarly colourful outfits. So, I guess Marsicanland is a veiled effort to hold onto the childhood dreams that Tellytubbyland provided (for me at least). Anyway, it’s doing a pretty good job and let me tell you why. Since releasing our first single of the year, we’ve had a ton of support from some of our favourite radio DJs including the main man Huw Stephens who made Friends his Tip of the Week, Phil Taggart who kindly named it a ‘Future First’ and Tom Robinson who included it on his BBC Introducing Mixtape. It doesn’t stop there though, lads, ohhhhh no! At the end of February, we released the Friends music video, premiered by Dork, which was shot by our good friend Josh Montoro-Bailes whilst we were touring the Netherlands and France in a particularly cold January. We’re really proud of how it turned out considering none of us had any real idea of what we were going to film, except Pat, who was pretty adamant that he would feature heavily. The tour was pretty hectic and we had a lot of shows to cram in so a lot of the shots in the video were filmed on the way to shows or in the early hours when we got home, fuelled only by stroopwafel (which became rationed) and a certain batch of olives that were commonly referred to as ‘crack olives’.

Then, one lazy Saturday morning we were checking our Twitter feed when we saw a tweet that made us all simultaneously drop our spoons into our cereal. Coldplay had shared the Friends video which triggered an onslaught of notifications and around 30,000 youtube videos within a couple of hours. James had to charge his phone three times. I still can’t believe how crazy that is and would just like to thank Coldplay again for those 65 characters that blew our tiny minds (day/week/month made).

March also saw us out on a UK tour which exceeded every expectation we had. We’re all so buzzing to turn up to these venues and see you guys down the front and singing the songs. We’ve also really enjoyed chatting to you lot after shows too so, providing there are no arsey bouncers kicking you guys out, then please do come and say hi at the merch desk and we’ll chew your ear off about Maoams and gold Sharpies (two of my favourite topics). OH, AND! We were lucky enough to be invited to play Huw Stephens’ night at The Social in London which was a crazy cool little venue thats seen bands like Vampire weekend and Mumford and Sons cram onto the tiny stage. We fully embraced the challenge and even worked a bit of table action into the performance too.

Photo: Ollie Smallwood

Anyway, enough about my table fetish. SUMMER IS A’COMING! And we’ve been announcing a few festivals here and there. We’re back at 110 Above this year; the line up is UNREAL so quit yo jibba-jabba and get a ticket before they all sell out. Also really excited to play Barn on the Farm for the first time and our friends at CloseUp Promotions are putting on a dangerously good all-dayer in Hoxton in May. One last thing, just want to quickly and concisely express how excited I am to be opening LUU Stylus stage at Live at Leeds this year, followed by guitar wielding angels of harmony, Flyte. Very. Very. Excited.

Photo: Phoebe Fox

In other news... James regularly texts me with the words ‘blue sky roof’. Rob turned up to rehearsal dressed as a triptych of patterns. Cale is *still* growing his hair and I went to the supermarket to buy a chocolate bar from each price bracket and compared them whilst watching O.J.: Made In America. All my love, Oli

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