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Hi there, earth humans. It's sh'boy Rob here. May I take a few minutes of your time to tell you about what we did in May. Get it? All right, let's swiftly move on.

WE HAVE BEEN/ARE STILL ON TOUR. Yep, that's right the month of May has taken us both the furthest North AND South that we have ever been in the United Kingdom. (That's the place you lazily call 'the U.K'. Yes you do. I've heard you say it.) At the start of this month, we loaded our van Pat with instruments, amplifiers and Maoam in equal measure and set off on the biggest tour we have undertaken to date, supporting our label-mates Natives. We were both nervous and excited about what would lie ahead, so much so that Oli DIDN'T fall asleep on the way to our first show in Bristol. Oli is always asleep.

We arrived in B-town and became acquainted with Natives, our touring buddies for the coming weeks, before sitting down to a delicious meal prepared with love by the staff at The Louisiana. A few beers on the balcony and then it was show time. Show time continued for five days straight, taking us into Cambridge for some punting on the river, through Norwich to try and spot Alan Partridge, down to Southend for a game on the 2p machines and finally to that London where we played Close Up Festival with some of our favourite bands. That night Oli slept on a table.

We had the following day off and decided that hotels were getting a bit samey, so spent the night on an old Ford bus that had been kitted out with a log burning stove and some very interesting quilts. Shout out to Dizzy and the best Air B&B in the West. All bussed out we headed North for Birmingham and Nottingham shows with those pesky Natives, then did a big old motorway U-turn and hit Brighton for The Great Escape. Have you ever played a gig in a shop? We have, and it was incredible. Beyond Retro vintage store was our home for TGE17 where we were reunited with the wonderful chaps in Indigo Velvet, Cassia and just about every other band in the country. We played on a balcony overlooking silk shirts, old dungarees and about 300 people. Shout out to Scruff Of The Neck who hosted the stage. Class.

Newcastle was next and then on to Scotland, a place we hold very dear. If you ever get the chance to drive from Aberdeen to Glasgow then please take it with both hands. It's like driving through several postcards. Lots of love to Tunnels in Aberdeen for giving us a Leeds Cockpit nostalgia trip, curvy ceilings and sticky floors a plenty. Couple of days off and cue the hottest day of the year in Liverpool for the sweatiest gig of the tour, and our last night with Natives until June. Our manager tells us that when it's very very hot outside you just have to tell yourself to enjoy it and you'll have a great time. We disagree and are currently taking legal action for sunstroke and 3rd degree burns.

Southampton Joiners, Photo: Adam Wood

The day after we all had an ice bath then went to Manchester for Dot to Dot festival. We played in a tiny basement off the beaten track and were overwhelmed with how many of you guys showed up. Love to the people who were queuing up the stairs and couldn't get in. I owe you all a Cornetto. Southampton was the second to last show of our wonderful month of May, and my favourite of the tour by 100 miles. It's always nerve wracking turning up to a new City for a headline show, not knowing whether we'll be playing to 4 people or 400. Thankfully for us you turned up in your droves, jumped around and sang your hearts out. Thanks Southampton - you're a legend, mate.

Milton Keynes was the last show before our two week break. We all got G-force sickness from all the roundabouts, but played a blinder with our new friends Blushes and had some well-earned warm lagers. May was sick and we can't wait to get back out on the road in June!

In other news...Cale wrote his first symphony, James has been banned from sleeping next to Cale because he keeps stroking him in the night, Oli nearly broke every bone in his body playing 'Motorway Services Heavy Goods Vehicle Parking Football', and I bought some Smoked Salmon Pink trousers.

Until next time, sports fans...


Rob. xxxx

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