Photo: Jake Haseldine

…and so the bumble bee licked the cat, flew into a tree, stole the marshmallow and fled the scene. Was mental… Oh sorry! Hi there, person reading this blog, that was just…um…I was just telling a…thing. Never mind. This blog goes back a bit to when James and Rob went to that little bash known as Glastonbury. I wasn’t jealous. Nah, I wasn’t. Why do you think I’m jealous? I’m not. Stop shaking your head at me. I don’t care. Don’t wanna talk about it now, not ‘cause I’m jealous, just you upset me. They said it was great. I suppose it would have been better if I was there… They both then went to the Maccabees’ final tour dates, which is a rubbish thought that it was their final gigs. Hopefully they all hit their heads and want to reform next year.

Facebook Live session

They had to be careful singing along to the Macca’s because the following week we needed our precious little voices. We were going to a place called ‘Facebook’ HQ - ever heard of it? Thought so. Again! A big thank you to everyone that joined us on the live stream, asked questions and made it very fun. We had a blast going down, sitting in front of giant projected versions of ourselves and looking at various expensive looking cameras whilst chatting random talk for what didn’t feel a very long time. (P.S Zuckerberg took so long buying Yorkshire tea bags that we left before we had a cuppa…)


We headlined our first festival! Up in the Lake District named “Eskfest” and -wow- was it scenic/fun. We played to an audience and a bloody mountain in the background, the kinda thing you see on fancy pictures of Norway. We thought the night was over til we got back to the bunkhouse and all the crew showed up and partied (with instruments) til 6 in the morning -and we had to set off at 7 back to Leeds: Killer. Also, we played Barn on the Farm and 110 Above. Both always have a great line up and we loved relaxing backstage with the crew and round the festival with everyone, in the sun and sometimes rain. Whatever the weather, people came out and jumped around. It was delightful.

Photo: Jake Haseldine

Also, our new single Too Good came out. Our BBC Introducing pal Huw Stephens played it on Radio 1 and it won some lovely support on Spotify playlists in the UK, Europe, USA and Oz as well as some crazy places we want to go to like Japan and Iceland. And, without giving too much away, we shot a music video too! *Crowd cheers, whoops, faints like seeing Justin Beiber* We packed out our van Pat with our mates’/nanas' tellies and created some mental electrical triggered fusion that we hope you enjoy and wanna watch between two and seven times (any more and your brain falls out your nose). In other news, Oli bust his eye open whilst making beans on toast. James may or may not be playing a giant custard cream at one of our next gigs. Rob ain’t shopping at Tesco for wraps now he knows Morrison’s give you three wraps unlike two at Tesco! And I wrote this whilst listening to the new Tyler the Creator album, and managed to keep it clean/sane. Go me. Cale x (AKA Cake [autocorrect on phones])

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